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How to get Coffee Out of Carpet? (No 1 Solution)

How to Clean Coffee Out of Carpet?

Coffee spills on carpets are very common and lead to fresh coffee stains.

But, if you’ve left it for a while it can seem impossible to remove.

The good news is that expert carpet cleaners and companies that offer professional carpet cleaning services have found ways to remove them.

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to get coffee stain out of carpet that will return your carpets back to brand new even for both old coffee stains, and fresh stains.

For dried coffee stains use 3% hydrogen peroxide, a damp cloth, and iron to steam lift the coffee out of the carpet.

For wet stains dampen the stain with a stain remover and leave a damp cloth on top of the stain weighed it down with something heavy and repeat.


For dried coffee tough stains it can take about 5 minutes to remove a small-sized stain and completely clean your carpet.

It’s a good idea to soak up as much of a fresh coffee spill as soon as it happens.

Otherwise, it will turn into a stubborn stain, but this is just one of the best tips, and below I will explain the entire cleaning process to get the best results.

How to Clean Coffee Stains from Carpet?

What Takes Coffee Out of Carpets

Removing some spills such as water is incredibly easy and you just need to wait for it to dry.

Coffee, however, has a very dark color that shows on virtually all colors of carpet.

Once it’s dried or is still wet, here’s what takes coffee out of carpets.

Overall, Stain Fu works best for coffee that is still damp, and 3% hydrogen peroxide works for dried coffee stains.

The method to clean dried coffee out of the carpet is different from the method to remove damp coffee from the carpet.

Below is how to remove each.

The first thing to know is that it’s possible to return the carpet back to how it was and have a perfectly clean carpet.

So, the next time you spill coffee on the carpet don’t be worried that you will have ruined your carpet.

I’ll explain the stain-removal process for damp coffee first.

How to remove a fresh coffee spill from a carpet

The overall process is to remove fresh/wet coffee stains is to:

  1. Blot up as much as you can using a paper towel or clean cloth/towel
  2. Spray on spray fu and rub it in with a spoon
  3. Leave towels on top with something heavy
  4. The final step is to let the coffee soak into the cloth, which removes it from the carpet

Here’s a really good video that shows the process from start to finish:

As you can see from the video they could restore it back to a perfectly clean beautiful carpet.

Things you will need to remove coffee stain from carpet are:

  • A clean sponge
  • A clean white cloth and 3 or 4 spare ones
  • Commercial stain remover or residential stain remover such as Stain Fu

In the video, she recommends the cleaning product, Stain Fu.

Take note of the manufacturer’s instructions and as always it’s best to try it on an inconspicuous part of the carpet first to see if it discolors it in any way.

It’s very likely it won’t be an issue at all but it’s best to be on the safe side.

Also, if it does, then you should use the second method below which works just as well.

A sponge can be used on the affected area to soak up some of the water and remove the coffee stain on carpet.

Then damp clean white cloths should be used to help soak up as much as can be removed.

After that apply your carpet stain removal of choice.

Then agitate it into the carpet fibers.

After that place a dry towel/cloth on top, and then something heavy like a bottle of clean water or a large book.

A clean white towel generally gets ruined in the process.

But, it’s typically worth it, to get your carpet looking perfect. Black coffee stains are generally brown and look very unsightly.

A coffee spot here or there can go unnoticed but can be cleaned off relatively easily using the method above.

And clean coffee stains aren’t impossible as it seems if you just try to wipe them off using detergent.

This method also works for car carpets because the process on how to get new coffee stains out of carpet in the home or blankets is largely the same as the ones in the car.

Does Vinegar and Baking Soda Remove Old Coffee Stains from Carpet?

Does Vinegar and Baking Soda Remove Old Coffee Stains from Carpet

A homemade carpet cleaner is easiest to put together, and vinegar and baking soda are common ingredients to have in the pantry.

They are also very acidic and well known to be good for various stains.

But, here’s whether they have any effect on old coffee stains in carpet.

As a general rule, vinegar and baking soda do not work to remove old coffee stains from carpets.

A method that works is to first dampen the area thoroughly with water.

Then apply 3% hydrogen peroxide.

After that place a damp cloth on top and hot iron to suck the coffee stain out.

The dried in brown stain left behind after a coffee spill is best removed using this method.

A fresh cup of coffee is generally very hot, and a hot cup of coffee is easier to get out of the carpet than an iced coffee as long as you take out as much liquid as you can while it’s still hot/warm.

And the non-iron method at the top of this article works best for that.

Here’s a really good video that shows this method which works best for dried-in coffee stains:

A few cups of lukewarm water work well to dampen the area. A few cups of warm water should be more than enough.

And generally, you only need about half a cup of water for a coffee cup sized spill. But, for a larger spill like one from a coffee plunger or a full tray of coffee cups will require a few cups of water.

Another common cleaning method that can work OK is water with about a tablespoon of liquid dish soap

There are a range of products that could potentially work. Such as:

  • detergent solution tablespoon of dish soap
  • ammonia solution tablespoon of ammonia
  • tablespoon of vinegar
  • shaving cream
  • An all-purpose cleaning solution
  • lemon juice
  • club soda
  • baking soda

But, the other methods involving using an iron, or a carpet cleaner are proven to work.

It’s easiest to use those, and they are both fast and return carpet back to exactly how it was before the carpet was spilled on it.

Using this method, the coffee transfers from the carpet into the cloth, removing it completely from the carpet.

Wool and wool blend carpets – use the same method

Wool carpets or wool blends are fine to use this method with.

According to Steamery Stockholm, wool doesn’t shrink when it’s heated to very high temperatures like those created by using this iron method.

Wool carpet fibers can get misshapen if they’ve moved around a lot when heated to very high temperatures.

So, make sure when using this method on wool or wool-blend carpets not to cause the carpet fibers to move as much as you can when placing the iron on top of the damp cloth.

Does Coffee Come Out of Carpet?

Does Coffee Come Out of Carpet

Coffee is a very dark color, and you may have heard that once stains dry they tend to be more difficult to remove.

However, regardless of this fact coffee appears as if it will be very hard to get out of the carpet.

So, here’s an explanation of whether coffee can come out of the carpet.

As a general rule, coffee does come out of the carpet.

A stained area that has been there for many years, or a fresh and still wet coffee stain will come out of the carpet.

Carpet experts have found Stain Fu works perfectly for wet coffee stains, and 3% hydrogen peroxide works for old coffee stains.

Black coffee and coffee are slightly different.

White coffee has milk/dairy-based products in it which gives it a protein content, which does respond differently to cleaning products like Baking soda.

Red wine stains and coffee stains are very common, and they are very difficult to remove because they contain tannins.

However, provided you use a cleaning product such as those listed above it will work.

Are Coffee Stains Permanent on Carpet?      

When you spill coffee on carpet it can happen at an inconvenient time.

Interestingly, whether you take quick action or leave it won’t affect the end result and the coffee can be removed completely regardless.

With that said, it’s a good idea to remove as much of the damp coffee as possible when it’s still wet, 

Coffee stains are not permanent on carpets.

Both damp coffee on the carpet and dried-in coffee stains can be removed.

But, there are different methods for each.

With damp coffee, you should remove as much of the coffee as possible first.

Below is how to remove old coffee stains from wool carpet.

The first steps are to:

  • Apply water to the entire area using a bowl, bucket, or cup of water. Cool water can be fine but hot or warm water will mean the iron works faster in removing dried coffee stains from carpet.
  • Take some 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray the area.
  • Use a clean towel, or dry cloth and place it on top
  • Place an iron on top for short periods to steam the coffee stain and draw it into the cloth on top.
  • Rotate the cloth so a clean patch is always above the stain. After the cloth becomes visibly dirty use a new cloth
  • Repeat many times until all of the coffee is listed off the carpet.

In a couple of minutes, the carpet will already be pretty dry.

But, you can leave a clean cloth on top to soak up any excess moisture.

So hopefully my guide and supporting videos have shown you the best way How to Clean Coffee Out of the Carpet.