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Does kombucha break a fast?

Will Drinking Kombucha Break A Fast

Can i drink kombucha while fasting? Kombucha is widely known as a healthy alternative to sodas in that it contains good gut bacteria, probiotic properties, and antioxidants typically thanks to green tea.

It does, however, contain some caffeine, carbonated water, and even some low percentages of alcohol and as a result, this sugary brew can cause issues for those with sensitivity to sugar and caffeine

That said let’s get to the question at hand.  

Can you drink kombucha while fasting?

Drinking Kombucha will really depend on the calorific value of the brew you drink in order to determine whether you will break your fast, which can be controlled if you brew your own.

Store-bought Kombucha varies in calorific levels and the debate albeit not entirely scientific is that the safe zone for calories consumed before you break your fast is believed to be around 50 calories.  

So If you can find a kombucha brew that is less than 50 calories then it should be good to drink whilst intermittent fasting and won’t break your fast.

Also, If you are fasting to cleanse your body of toxins then it might actually help you overall and increase your energy levels.

So do your brand research and interrogate product labels before you drink them. 

If your intent is to start drinking Kombucha for weight loss or kombucha intermittent fasting and is not quite sure how to achieve the best-wanted results then I’ll give you some pointers below

And if you are wondering how to brew and consume Kombucha to get through a fast, then I’m about to cover that to inform you as much as possible before fasting.

Does Kombucha Take You Out Of Ketosis?

Does Kombucha Take You Out Of Ketosis

What is ketosis and how does it affect your body?

And how does Kombucha relate to it?

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body is using fat for energy instead of carbs. Keep in mind that carbs are called fuel foods.

They give you a short but sudden boost of energy but can make many people feel tired and lethargic after some time.

Ketosis can occur if you are mostly following a specific diet that includes a low intake of carbs or a high-fat diet.

There are different diet plans to achieve ketosis and they can’t all work for everyone’s energy levels. So make sure you stay informed and if possible, consult your doctor or a nutritionist to find the best ketogenic diet plan for you.

This state of the body is pretty complex despite its benefits. Most people find out about it once they decide to lose weight and especially fat.

So 50 grams or less is the perfect amount of carbs per day on a ketogenic diet.

What also happens in this diet is a change in insulin levels. Carbs such as potatoes, fruits, and candy need to be reduced to a minimum.

The reason this process is called ketosis is quite clear – when fatty acids get transported to your liver they turn into ketones that provide the body with energy with the help of a process called oxidization.

There is a theory that your brain can’t function without glucose, but ketones can supply the brain with energy even if your body is starving.

This is the reason the human body can go longer without food than water.

A low-carb ketogenic diet has shown more success when it comes to weight loss than any low-fat diet.

It is easier to lose weight this way because you don’t feel as hungry as often and you do not even need to restrict calories on it.

If you decide to drink Kombucha while on a ketogenic diet, you will be able to recognize if you are in ketosis.

Since Kombucha is made with sugar and sparkling water, you should at least reduce the amount of sugar you use in brewing.

Some of the signs of ketosis are:

  • Bad breath – your breath will smell fruity and odd. If this makes you brush your teeth more often, then it is definitely a plus.

If you are drinking Kombucha then you need to limit carbs in your food to balance it out. So don’t take the most sugary gums to fix your breathing problem and blood sugar levels.

  • Apparent weight loss – ketosis is a process that will definitely help you lose weight. We can read about this process in different studies around the world.
    • This can happen quickly and you will be able to see the change after only a week.
  • Decreased appetite – you will most likely notice you are less hungry and snack less in between meals.
    • Ketones can affect the brain making you feel hungry less often and even when you do it will be less intense.
  • More energy – you will have more energy even if you aren’t high on carbs.

The bottle of kombucha can help with energy, digestive health, and the feeling of being refreshed in the morning.

At first, your body will need to adjust so you may feel tired at the beginning.

So homemade kombucha or Kombucha can be your friend and prevent this from happening(bad bacteria).

The bottom line is – Kombucha will not get you out of ketosis as long as you balance your diet accordingly and don’t overdo your calorie intake since Kombucha tends to be sweet.

How To Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss?

How To Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss

Once you decide to lose some weight you will need to incorporate three things: your diet, exercise, and mental health.

Kombucha is highly beneficial but it is not magical. It is a great option for weight loss because it is healthy for your digestive system and it promotes regular bowel movements.

It gives you more energy and more stamina which ultimately helps with digestion even more.

You can use Kombucha as a post-workout drink to allow your body to recover as fast as possible and reduce body fat.

Kombucha (benefits of kombucha) is one of the biggest natural sources of probiotics since it is made of yeast and good bacteria. It contains lactic acid bacteria which are known as healthy gut bacteria( not harmful bacteria)

Kombucha consumption can aid inflammation, bone health, and digestion-related issues. 

It works great for cleansing your body which is also a part of weight loss.

When it is made with green tea it takes the antioxidants from it. 

This allows your body to burn calories, reduce fat, reduce blood sugar, and lower cholesterol.

Kombucha has awesome health benefits as it can help support your liver. Sometimes our organs can be surrounded by fat even if we aren’t overweight and Kombucha ingredients can help with toxicity in your liver.

Remember, the liver is the organ that deals with the toxins in your body, and anything else your body decides could be harmful or not needed.

All elements of medicine, cigarettes, drugs, or food that are not absorbed by the body go straight to the liver to work through.

And sometimes the liver needs a bit of help to clean itself which anecdotally is helped by Kombucha.

It is typically a low-calorie brew, especially if made with black tea but as I said earlier do your brand and labeling research just to be sure.

Overall it is purported Kombucha (benefits of kombucha) can help strengthen your immune system, regulate your metabolism, and speed up the fat-burning process. 

Again I am NOT a doctor so please do seek proper medical advice.

Can You Drink Diet Soda While Intermittent Fasting?

Can You Drink Diet Soda While Intermittent Fasting

Diet sodas are allowed when fasting but aren’t the best option.

They could still break your fast and aren’t the healthiest drinks out there anyway. So even though some say it is okay to consume them on a fast, try to go for other options.

The list of most common drinks people reach for when fasting is,

Water is crucial to your health – we all know that – but many tend to ignore or overlook it due to taste.

You can of course spice it up with some lemon or lime slices, drink sparkling water, or add some cucumber for an extra fresh taste.

What you can’t use on a fast, however, are artificially-sweetened enhancers for water since they can affect the sugar intake.

I highly recommend you check out the intermittent fasting calculator on Fitness Volt too – it’s a great resource,

Coffee is another option since it does not affect your insulin.

Decaf or not, it is allowed without sugar or milk. Coffee might not be a great alternative for everyone since it can make your stomach upset or make you feel dizzy when fasting.

Black coffee is also something that helps with ketosis and it is recommended to opt for black coffee if you can handle a cup of coffee when hungry.

That is your test to see if you could handle it during a fasting experience.

Tea is great for you during a fast. Green, oolong, or black tea are some of the better options.

They can help with stomach health, digestion, and weight loss.


kombucha after fasting



Will kombucha break my fast?

Kombucha, as we have explained already, is usually completely fine to drink during a fast. Even Kombucha after fasting is also really good.

Combine it with other drinks or foods while making sure you aren’t getting too much sugar since the carbs need to stay at the minimum.

You should definitely not drink milk, coconut water, and alcohol.

Diet sodas can affect your body and make it respond to artificial sweeteners in them like they are sugars 0, especially with additives like aspartame!

This is why you shouldn’t consume them fast if you wish to have the best results.

Almond milk, for example, tends to have high levels of sugar or blood sugar levels so it will definitely cause you to break your fast so do be aware.

Alcohol content is even worse, it is just too high in sugar content and gets you sick or drunk when you are fasting. 

So try to take a break from your favorite cocktails when fasting and go for kombucha fasting instead!

And generally, I’d highly recommend you increase your Drinking water or plain water intake too.