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Will Drinking Kombucha Make You Poop?

will drinking kombucha make you poop

If you have just recently started to wonder about Kombucha and the effects it might have on you, this may be that one awkward question you had in mind.

Maybe you were uncomfortable asking your friend or a salesperson who sold you the store-bought drink but let’s flush those fears away… 

While Kombucha has many benefits thanks to the probiotics it contains, it might have some effects that you should be aware of before you drinking it. 

So, to answer the big question simply:

Will Drinking Kombucha Make You poop?

Drinking Kombucha is not intended to make you poop but it can make you poop and that is very much dependent on he individual. It is designed to be a natural laxative so wont generally have you rushing to the toilet on its own merit.

That said, it does however contains good gut bacteria and is a great antioxidant and especially if brewed with green tea and these all support healthy bowel movements. 

So if you are trying a detox or have some existing constipation or bloating issues then drinking it may help you get that first healthy or stubborn poop flushed out your system.

Considering the big picture and its generally known properties, everyone will respond to it differently.

It is safe to say Kombucha will do more good than you might think even if you take some time to adjust, but there have been cases where it has given some a few days of diarrhea.

Nevertheless, let’s get into it a little further

Does Kombucha Make You Fart?

Does Kombucha Make You Fart

Whenever we use new medication, new foods, or new natural remedies, our bodies might need more time to adjust.

If you wish to use Kombucha to get rid of toxins and cleanse your bowels and your body really needs this treatment, then yes, it could make you fart!

Kombucha is known to reduce bloating, so if you have a lot of gas in your system that makes you bloated, well, the gas needs to go away.

And how do you expect this to happen?

Passing gas (or farting) is a natural thing that occurs often and is somehow deemed generally to be a little taboo habit or is just considered impolite.

But your body does not understand what is polite and what you should not do in front of people.

It isn’t good to hold back, especially if you are drinking or taking something to get rid of that bloated tummy.

Gasses will build up and sometimes you just have to Let it rip.   You could do it silently and point to someone to the right 🙂

This could only lead to more bloating and a stomach, so some people may think Kombucha is causing the problems – when in fact it is doing its best to expel the gas that is not where it should be.

And that place is your stomach.

Kombucha contains properties that act like probiotics that ensure the healthy functioning of the digestive system. Since it is made with black or green tea, it also has antioxidants which take care of the necessary cleansing of your body.

Many natural remedies act this way, they do what the body needs them to do.

You might only experience little consequence when adjusting to booch, which in this case we see as passing gas.

However, you might not notice how bloated you are, or how much fiber you have eaten in a week, or how much fatty foods you ate that morning, or even those three coffees you consumed with a glass of sparkling water.

So Kombucha might not be the reason for your farting.

When trying new drinks or foods you need to make sure you have the information in order to notice if something is normal or very wrong.

There is a possibility your batch of Kombucha is giving you some unwanted feelings and aches and we will cover that off shortly.

Does Kombucha Give You diarrhea?

Does Kombucha Give You diarrhea

If you are an inexperienced brewer and don’t yet know how Kombucha tastes, you might make a couple of mistakes.

For example, you could let your batch ferment for too long.

Another common mistake is that you turn it into vinegar for this reason you toss it away instead of keeping it

Maybe you didn’t close the lid on the container you are using for brewing so some air got trapped inside and bad bacteria started to multiply.

If you decide to brew your own Kombucha, find the recipe on a reliable brewing website that is familiar with brewing methods, 

You are welcome to read our other articles where we talk about the details of correct Kombucha brewing and then use this recipe for the best results.

If you do make a mistake and Kombucha makes you feel uneasy, nauseous, or gives you diarrhea, check the batch again.

Troubleshoot your process to find out what went wrong.

If you only have diarrhea for a day or two with no other side-effects, Kombucha might be working and you are most likely just adjusting to the new and healthy bacteria in your gut.

If you feel any cramps or you vomit, do not drink anymore!

Bad bacteria or mold probably got the best of your batch and it is no longer safe for consumption.

This is why it is important to use a recipe from a reputable source and know exactly how it should look and taste.

A healthy Kombucha is a bit sweet and a bit sour.

Don’t be afraid of the weird gooey thing floating in your brew, which is a colony of bacteria and yeast called SCOBY and this is what you need to make your batch.

kombucha Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast

SCOBY stands for “Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” – you can check this research paper on the safe brewing and handling of kombucha

We do have a warning, or a disclaimer if you please, in order to give you the full information on the possible effects of Kombucha.

if you are suffering from a chronic condition, educate yourself on the topic as much as you can or consult your doctor.

It might not be easy to hear this but if Kombucha does you any harm, it is most likely due to the fact you did something wrong or the conditions were not ideal.

It is not that easy to predict how your body will react unless you are usually healthy.

You can read more about the dangers of combining a bad batch with existing conditions or aches here

Natural remedies, including drinks like Kombucha, are not to be taken too lightly. They have distinct properties that can get some organs under control but worsen some other symptoms.

For example, if you are suffering from an illness that significantly weakens your immune system, you need to be careful not to let mold or bad bacteria overpower the good bacteria by leaving Kombucha in high temperatures if your bottle has a loose lid.

Since Kombucha is made with sugar, you should not use too much if your blood sugar is not optimal.

You might want to consider Jun instead since it is made with honey instead of sugar

It might even be a healthier option according to the research we discussed in one of our recent kombucha articles.

Diarrhea is usually not a sign of disease but some distress in your digestive system. But if it lasts more than a few days or it gets too intense, you could become dehydrated.

It all comes down to how well you know your body and your weaknesses.

Kombucha is a very healthy brew due to its properties, but just like everything else – it is not for everyone.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad or that its benefits are a myth.

Remember that the same diet can affect five people in five different ways. some will thrive on a diet rich in carbs, while others will gain weight and feel tired.

Is Kombucha Acidic?

is kombucha acidic

Kombucha contains B vitamins, probiotics, and is high in antioxidants.

The nutritional value and taste can vary depending on how you prepare it.

While there is very little scientific evidence on the benefits of this drink, a lot of people swear by it.

It comes to a point where you have to see if it will work for you.

Green clay is a good example to compare it too since it gives some people diarrhea during the treatment, but others feel more energetic.

Some don’t feel the effects at all.

And this is from personal experience since my entire household reacted differently to it.

It is presumable this can happen with Kombucha as well.

Different experiences greatly affect its reputation, but if we take into consideration the history of Kombucha and Jun tea which were considered beneficial to physical and spiritual health, maybe the monks who started the trends really knew what they were doing.

Kombucha is acidic, which could be problematic if you have bad teeth.

Its pH levels are similar to the levels in a regular soda, so if this worries you then stop drinking sodas as well.

Both of these drinks can affect your teeth poorly, but neither one of those will ruin your teeth overnight.

The key is moderation.