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Does Soda Water contain Sugar? [Ingredients, Calories & Vs Sparkling]

Is Soda Water Sugar Free

Soda water is a refreshing drink and works well as a mixer for making your own sodas, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks.

But, is there sugar in soda water?

Generally, soda water is sugar-free.

Soda water is made by pumping carbon dioxide gas into plain water r mineral water under high pressure.

But, after it’s made you can add other flavors to it.

For example, you can add fruit juice or tequila, lime, and ice.

Any flavors you add may have grams of sugar in them.

Some people develop diabetes or need to monitor their blood sugar and wonder whether drinking seltzer water will add to their daily sugar intake.

This article will explain everything about the sugar in soda water.

How Much Sugar In Soda Water?

does soda water contain sugar

A common question people ask while getting soda water is does soda water contain sugar?

Soda water contains zero grams of sugar because they are sugar-free.

Most nutritionists recommend around 8 glasses of water a day to keep a healthy body.

However, the amount of water you should drink goes up if you weigh a lot, and down if you’re really skinny.

According to, drinking other liquids like tea, coffee, and juice count toward your recommended intake of water.

Which are 3.7 liters (125 fluid oz) for men and 2.7 liters (68 fluid oz) for women.

Because soda water doesn’t contain grams of sugar and is just water and CO2 gas, it’s fine for diabetics to drink.

And it also adds to your recommended daily water intake.

Is soda water OK for diabetics?

Is soda water OK for diabetics

Having diabetes means you need to be careful what you eat and drink otherwise your blood sugar can get too high or too low.

But, is soda water or seltzer water OK for diabetics? Here’s the long and short of it.

As a general rule soda water can be treated as being exactly the same as regular water and not mineral water.

The CO2 gas that is pumped into regular water does not add any nutrients or minerals to the water to make mineral water.

It is also unsweetened and will not increase the amount of sugar that you consume.

Therefore, you can replace water, tea, coffee, soda, or juice in your diet with soda water.

However, you may have lower blood sugar than normal.

Because there’s generally a good amount of sugar in juice and soda which isn’t good for bone health.

And coffee or tea without sugar doesn’t taste as good to some folks.

Does soda water increase blood sugar?

Does soda water increase blood sugar

If you consume a lot of sugar you may experience what’s called a sugar crash, where your blood sugar levels go down quickly, and you feel tired and irritable.

But, does this happen when you drink soda water?

As a whole soda water does not contain any sugar and therefore when you drink it doesn’t increase your blood sugar at all.

You can use soda water as a mixer with fruit juice and your own unique flavors.

Soda water on its own tastes slightly more bitter than regular water due to its natural flavor.

It tastes bland and like regular water, because virtually all soda water is made with only 2 ingredients, water, and carbon dioxide gas.

You can also carbonate your own water at home using either a soda syphon or a Sodastream.

In addition to buying soda water at a store.

As you may know, there are many different names for carbonated water.

A different name for carbonated waters

If you’re interested in the differences between them you can read about it here in this, Why Does Sparkling Water Taste Bitter? article.

Does Soda Water Have Calories?

does water have sugar

Soda water contains zero calories. You can see the 0 calories and 0 soda water sugar content on the label of any soda water.

Since the word soda water encompasses both club soda and seltzer, it is really just ordinary water that has been carbonated as well as infused with minerals.

The drink contains 0 calories.

Using club soda or seltzer rather than a carbonated soft drink saves the same amount of calories as drinking only water.

It contains no calories, fat, carbohydrates, or sweeteners in this product.

Does soda water have sugar?

Does soda water have sugar

Sodas in general have some kind of sweetener in them which give them a really nice taste.

But, does soda water have sugar in it?

As a general rule soda water does not have any sugar.

You may find sweetened soda water or sparkling water.

But, soda water always has nothing added to it, unless otherwise stated on the label.

Sparkling water is made with only regular water and CO2 gas.

The water in soda water can be ordinary tap water or it can be spring water.

The popular brand Perrier is made from water from a natural spring.

What’s interesting about some natural springs is that they can be naturally fizzy.

This occurs in regions where there is volcanic activity underneath the spring.

Perrier interestingly removes the carbon dioxide gas from the naturally fizzy water, and then adds it again.

They don’t say exactly why they do this but in my opinion, it’s to make sure all of the sparkling water has the same level of fizziness.

Naturally occurring soda water sometimes called sparkling water also doesn’t contain any sugar.

Which is healthier soda water or sparkling water?

Which is healthier soda water or sparkling water

There are a few different names for the soda water we all know and love.

One of which is sparkling water. However, which is better for you: soda water or sparkling water?

Soda water and sparkling water are two names for the same drink, and therefore neither soda-water nor sparkling water is better than the other.

Both soda water and sparkling water contain almost no ingredients other than water and CO2 gas, which have no known effect on your health.

The CO2 gas in soda naturally escapes when it is open to the air, and once all of the CO2 gas has bubbled to the surface and escaped to the air the water won’t be fizzy anymore.

It won’t taste exactly like water though but it will have a natural flavor like water.

When CO2 gas dissolves in the water (H2O) it creates carbonic acid.

Carbonic acid is a weak acid and is about the same strength as citric acid that’s found in oranges, lemons, and limes.

The carbonic acid can’t leave the soda as the CO2 can so the water will keep its slightly bitter taste even once it’s gone flat.

Sparkling water is the name used as an alternative to soda water.

Does Sparkling Water Have Sugar?

Is sparkling water sugar free

Sparkling water is a refreshing carbonated drink, and great to mix with other flavors.

Or, on its own as an interesting change from drinking regular water.

Is sparkling water sugar-free like soda water? Here’s what you need to know…

As a whole sparkling water is sugar-free.

Sparkling water was thought to have been used as the name for soda water that occurs naturally in volcanic areas.

Nowadays, sparkling water is used as a catch-all term that refers to carbonated water.

And therefore sparkling water means the same thing as soda water, seltzer, tonic water, club soda, and carbonated water.

All of which are completely sugar-free, unless they say it on the bottle.

If you buy standard soda water, sparkling water, seltzer, or tonic water at a supermarket, bar, or convenience store it will always be sugar-free.

There are some brands of flavored sparkling waters, but these are always labeled.

One well-known brand that comes to mind is H2go which makes both flavored water and flavored sparkling water.

Their flavored Sparkling Water Drink can be harmful due to the artificial flavor in these sugary drinks.

sugary drinks can lead to weight gain, blood pressure problems, heart disease, and upset stomach.

So, it is better to consume bubbly water without any additives or flavor.

What sodas have the most sugar?

What sodas have the most sugar

Fizzy drinks are sometimes more refreshing than juice or water, but they are sweetened and sugary drinks.

Which sodas contain the most sugar? Here’s what they are

On average all sodas contain the same amount of sugar except for Coca-Cola classic.

CocaCola classic has 5 to 7 times the amount of sugar as other sodas, according to their nutritional label.

Popular sodas are available in zero, and sugar-free versions and contain no calories or sugar.

They are healthy alternatives to regular colas.

Moreover, a sports drink is another good option.

It’s generally fine to drink around half a cup to 1 cup of soda per day and still be within the daily sugar intake recommendation.

Based on the research I have done it’s still unclear whether sugar from natural sources like fruits is the same as table sugar.

Table sugar is standard white or brown sugar that you’ll have around your home and is made from sugar cane or sugar beets.

Both are plants that are juiced.

The juice is then boiled off to produce sugar for sugary drinks.

Other sweeteners are also very popular such as high fructose corn syrup, stevia, and sucralose.

High consumption of sugar through Sugary Beverages can lead to tooth decay and can damage tooth enamel.

In my opinion, stevia or honey is the best and most healthy alternative to sugar because they aren’t as chemically processed as corn syrup. Honey has many health benefits.