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Which is the best Ramune Flavor? [Japanese Marble SODA]

Which Ramune Flavor Is the Best

I’m a big soda fan and recently came across a Japanese brand of soft drink sodas called Ramune.

I wondered about how it tasted, and which flavor is the best.

I did some research on this brand and the most Popular Flavors like crazy flavors, and here’s what I concluded.

On the whole, the best Ramune flavor is ramune original flavor taste or lychee.

Other popular varieties of flavors include watermelon, strawberry, lemon, citrusy flavor, and melon flavor. However lemon lime is a popular Ramune flavor.

The flavor of Ramune is quite unique, it has a strong flavor with a refreshing taste however, people from outside of Japan often find that it has a totally different flavor profile from say a standard soda like Sprite.

My own personal Favorite Flavor is the original flavor in a variety of flavors. It’s the Classic Ramune Flavor or Japanese flavor and brings to life a sensation of japan whenever I taste it.

The main draw of Ramune is that it’s one of only a few brands that use a marble cap to seal the bottle.

The marble is lodged in the bottle, and you need to press it into the bottle to open it using a plastic tool provided.

In this article, I will explain whether Japanese Ramune Marble Soda is better than soda if it contains caffeine if it’s gluten-free and if it contains alcohol.

What flavor is original Ramune?

Ramune is a popular carbonated soft drink originating from Japan and is recognized for its distinctive bottle design, which uses a glass marble as a seal to keep the drink fresh. The original flavor of Ramune is typically described as a sweet, fruity, and slightly tangy flavor with a distinct tartness.

Ramune is often referred to as lemon-lime, but the exact flavor profile can vary between different brands. Some describe it as having a lemon-lime flavor with a hint of citrus, while others say it has a sweeter and more fruity flavor, similar to fruit punch. Some Ramune drinks also have a unique and slightly floral taste, which is sometimes attributed to the use of yuzu, a citrus fruit commonly used in Japanese cuisine.

Ramune has become a staple in Japanese culture, often enjoyed at festivals and special events. It has also become popular among people of all ages, with many fans praising its unique and refreshing taste. Some people also enjoy experimenting with different flavors of Ramune, such as melon, strawberry, and grape.

In conclusion, the original flavor of Ramune is often described as a sweet and fruity carbonated drink with a slightly tangy and tart taste. While it is often referred to as lemon-lime, the exact flavor profile can vary between different brands. Regardless of the exact flavor, Ramune remains a popular and beloved drink in Japan and around the world.

Is Ramune Marble Soft DRink Better Than Soda?

Is Ramune Better Than Soda

Because Ramune is quite unique, you may be wondering whether it’s better than regular soda, and how it compares.

I looked at the nutritional information about Ramune, as well as its flavor to see whether it’s better than soda and other fizzy drinks.

Here’s what I found.

As a whole, Ramune is not better than soda.

Most people report that besides the interesting bottle, Original Ramune doesn’t taste as good as regular soda.

Compared to other well-known sodas it has around the same amount of sugar and calories and isn’t any more healthy for you.  

For me, it has quite an assertive flavor, a real kick on the taste buds


Interestingly, Coca-Cola is rare in the carbonated drinks/soda world because it has a lot more sugar than every other soda on the market.

Here’s a table that shows the sugar content of popular classic sodas and how they compare to the assortment of flavors available with Ramune – the number 1 Japanese soda brand.

Soda Sugar content per 3.4 fl oz (100 mL)
Coca Cola 77g
7Up 10g
Pepsi 10g
Ramune 10g
Dr Pepper 16g

If you do happen to really like Ramune, it’s likely because you’ve consumed it a lot and look forward to the taste.

However, most people who try it for the first time don’t find the flavor significantly better than other fruit-flavored sodas.

You may have also heard of the Japanese soft drink Calpico soda, also called Calpis.

Calpico is very unique and unlike any other soda.

I wrote an article about Calpico, what it is and how it tastes.

Does Ramune Have Caffeine?

Is There Caffeine in Ramune

Caffeine is known to give you more focus and energy, but drinking too much caffeine for a long period of time isn’t good for you.

So, I was wondering if there is any caffeine in Ramune.

Ramune does not contain caffeine.

Soda companies will typically add caffeine to their cola-flavored sodas to improve the taste like other Japanese drinks.

However, a careful note shows that Ramune doesn’t add caffeine to their cola, and none of their other drinks contain caffeine based on the ingredients printed on the nutritional label.


Here’s a list of the ingredients found in Ramune cola:

Caffeine is extracted from various plants such as unroasted coffee beans.

It’s then added after the fact to a soda.

However, it’s good to know that if you drink some Ramune soda, you won’t have to skip a cup of coffee!

Is Ramune Japanese Soda Gluten-Free?

Is Ramune Soda Gluten Free

Gluten is known to cause an upset stomach in some people, and some people have celiac disease which prevents them from consuming gluten.

So, then is Ramune soda gluten-free?

On the whole, Ramune soda is gluten-free.

Sodas in general are considered gluten-free by medical professionals, but minor traces of gluten can be present.

However, some foods and sodas can be certified gluten-free, which guarantees that they don’t contain gluten.

As you may know, foods that contain gluten are typically made from wheat and barley for example:

Ramune soda is not made with any gluten-containing products, and therefore, overall it doesn’t contain any gluten.

Interestingly, this is also true of virtually all sodas including big names like Coke and Pepsi.

Is Ramune Alcoholic?

Is Ramune Alcoholic

Ramune is quite an obscure soda that isn’t widely available.

Therefore, you may be wondering whether it contains alcohol.

Here’s what I found based on the ingredients.

As a whole, none of the Ramune flavors contain alcohol.

Ramune is technically a soft soda.

Soft sodas don’t contain alcohol, whereas hard sodas do. For example, a hard ginger beer or a hard root beer.

However, Ramune can make a good mixer for alcoholic drinks.


In my opinion, there can be better options for a mixer than Ramune.

And unless you really like the taste of Ramune I would use one of the more well-known sodas.

The reason is that most people who try Ramune don’t particularly think it tastes that great.

The same flavors in the soda will also come through in the mixed drink.

And although alcohol overpowers some of the flavors of a soda, people tend to prefer the taste of well-known sodas like Coke and Pepsi.

However, it’s definitely an interesting thing to try.

Especially, maybe mixed with Sake.

What flavor is clear Ramune?

What flavor is clear Ramune

You may have seen a clear bottle of Ramune, and sometimes the bottles have only Japanese writing on them.

So, then what flavor is clear Ramune?

There are a few flavors of Ramune that are clear, they are Original (lemon-lime), Melon, Coconut, Orange Sodas, and Grape.

Therefore, if it’s a clear Ramune then it can be any one of these flavors.

Ramune Original typically doesn’t say what the flavor is on the bottle, whereas, the other flavor clearly says what flavor they are.

Ramune is a transliteration from English to Japanese.

Which is where a word in another language is said using the syllables of another language.

Ramune is meant to sound like the English word lemonade.

And as you might have guessed, Ramune Original has a citrusy taste like a lemon/lime flavor similar to lemonade.

What’s the point of the marble in Ramune?

What's the point of the marble in Ramune

The most distinctive feature of Ramune is the marble that you need to press down and keep out of the neck of the bottle to be able to drink it.

But, what’s the reason why Ramune uses marble, and what’s it for?

The marble in Ramune is meant to keep the Ramune sealed so it stays carbonated and fresh.

After you push the marble into the soda to open it, it can get stuck in the neck of the bottle, making it difficult to pour.

But, there are small notches on the sides of the neck that keep it in place.

It is somewhat of a novel way to keep a soda bottle closed, and is very interesting. It’s such a cool Codd-Neck Bottles.

In my opinion, because of that people are more apt to try it for the first time – because it stands out amongst other sodas.

It’s also quite fun and interesting to pour and drink.

The main drawback of a marble in a soda is that you generally can’t seal it properly after you open it.

For example, if you wanted to transport it in a bag, the plastic lid that comes with it isn’t 100% secure, and the cap can come off and spill.

Ramune, though, comes in a small cool bottle so you’ll usually drink the whole bottle in one go.

The size of the bottle is smaller than a typical can or bottle of soda.

It’s around 6 fl oz (175 mL) rather than the typical 12 oz can or 19 oz bottle.

They also make larger bottles that still come with a marble stopper; some have been available that are up to 33 fl oz (1 liter) in size.

Some people have come up with complex ways to reseal a bottle of Ramune and reuse it.

However, they require a lot of work and special tools.

What does Strawberry Ramune taste like?

What does Strawberry Ramune taste like

Certain flavors of Ramune aren’t commonly available from other soda providers in convenience stores or supermarkets.

One of which is strawberry flavor.

But, I’m interested in how Strawberry Ramune tastes.

Here’s what I found…

Overall, Strawberry Ramune tastes like a strawberry Sprite.

It has a sweet lemony taste mixed with the taste of strawberry.

People have also commented that it tastes how you would expect a strawberry soda would taste.

However, it doesn’t have a particularly special flavor.

This is true of most of the Ramune soda flavors.

They taste OK but aren’t necessarily a soda that you would choose over another.

In my opinion, it’s a solid soda that quenches your thirst when you have a craving for a soda.

But, overall is largely similar to any other soda on the market. It is among those sodas that have Bright Colors.

The unique thing about Ramune isn’t the taste, but rather the marble that’s used to keep it sealed.

What Does Original Ramune Taste Like?

what flavor is ramune

Many asks, what does Ramune taste like or what flavor is ramune?

It’s pretty sweet, and the “original” version tastes a little like slightly citrus-flavored bubble gum.

It tastes like lemonade, but it contains more sugar than some other sodas.

Modern Ramune varieties include yuzu,  watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry, orange, and kiwi, to mention a few.

Possibly one of the most distinct elements of Ramune is the bottle.

Can you drink Ramune from the bottle?

Can you drink Ramune from the bottle

Because of the interesting marble seal that a Ramune bottle has, I became curious about whether you need to pour Ramune into a cup to drink it, or if you can drink it straight from the unusually shaped bottle.

It’s perfectly fine to drink Ramune from the bottle.

You sometimes need to tip the bottle slowly so that the marble doesn’t get back into the bottleneck and block the soda from coming out.

But, other than that you can quite easily drink Ramune straight from the bottle.

Well, there you have it, everything about what flavor of Ramune is best and how it compares to other sodas.