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What is Almdudler Made of? [Austrian Herb Flavor Soda]

What is Almdudler Made of

If you love fruity sodas or fruity mixers for alcoholic beverages then you have a few options – albeit a little limited.

If you are looking for a fruity and refreshing taste profile in a drink that is fizzy at the same time then you will absolutely have to try Almdudler!

Almdudler soda is a soft drink that is made from carbonated water, cane sugar, citric acid, and other artificial flavors and natural flavors.

The refreshing drink comes from Austria and the name means “to yodel in the alpine pastures.”

This is a refreshing drink that is marketed as a non-alcoholic alternative as well as a mixer for an alcoholic drink.

What does almdudler taste like?


What Flavor is Almdudler

Almdudler tastes like a combination of grape and apple juice

Many people say that it is reminiscent of ginger ale but with a sweet or fruitier overtone that is not present in ginger ale.

Imagine ginger ale without the small added spicy taste of ginger and you will be thinking of the distinctive taste of Almdudler.

This drink contains lemon balm, sage, gentian, elderflower, coneflower, sugar syrup, and, natural ingredients which is a big part of why the taste is so unique, a taste of the alpine herb.

There are no other sodas on the market that are flavored in this way, which is why Almdudler Original (alcohol-free beverage) is so totally original in its flavor offerings.

The refreshing drink only comes in this one flavor, which is another feature that it shares with most ginger ale brands.

Is Almdudler Alcoholic?

Is Almdudler Alcoholic

No Almdudler does not contain alcohol.

It is used as a mixer in some drinks, which is part of why people often mistake it for an alcoholic drink.

It is just regular soda water or mixer (with Carbon Dioxide) unless you add alcohol to it. 

Many people enjoy Almdudler as a daily soda to pair with meals while bartenders use it in many different drinks, especially in Europe.

If you have never tried ginger ale or a fruity soda, this is a great drink to try out first.

You will never find this flavor palate in any other soda water and you will see why it can be the perfect mixer for alcoholic drinks when you enjoy its complex flavor of it for the first time.

Does Almdudler Have Caffeine?

Does Almdudler Have Caffeine

Almdudler caffeine content is not too much. Almdudler does have 32 mg of caffeine.

This means that it is still safe for kids to drink.

Some sodas, like Mountain Dew, have way too much caffeine to be safe for young children.

Almdudler (the national drink) will give you a little pick-me-up without making you jittery or making your heart race.

This is a nice feature of this soda, as most fruity sodas are not caffeinated at all.

Does Almdudler Offer Health Benefits?

Does Almdudler Offer Health Benefits

Almdudler does contain a variety of natural ingredients and herbs like alpine herbs that offer health benefits.

The drink is treated a bit like ginger ale and is sold as a means to help settle and soothe stomachs after illness as well as marketed as a healthy way to get your daily caffeine kick.

While ginger ale does not always have enough ginger in it to actually offer health benefits to those who enjoy it. 

Almdudler actually does offer up enough herbal ingredients like beet sugar to benefit your health in a variety of ways.

This is one of the things that the company stands by and they have made sure that their recipe has not changed significantly since the first days of this drink being sold.

This commitment is linked to their work to remain environmentally friendly and to help support agriculture and equality.

This is a very forward-thinking soda company that creates high-quality products that are evidence of its efforts in these areas.

You can rest assured that you are getting a product of the highest quality and made with real ingredients when you choose Almdudler.


These ingredients in the list of ingredients of Almdudler offer up health benefits:

  • Lemon balm: Thought to reduce stress, help with anxiety and boost cognitive function, as well as being refreshing and citrusy in taste. However, you can make Herbal lemonade.
  • Sage: High in antioxidants, reduces blood sugar levels, eases menopause symptoms, helps with mood and emotional regulation
  • Gentian: Great for digestion and used in many countries as a means to support digestive health no matter what kind of digestive concern you might be dealing with
  • Elderflower: Great for colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, and diabetes- also known in some places as echinacea
  • Coneflower: Used for immune support and great for helping to support heart and lung health

All of the herbal ingredients with lemonade taste of Almdudler are very powerful ones and the drink can offer up great health benefits that most sodas would not offer you. 

You will find that this drink will not only give you a boost of energy throughout the day, but it can also help you to feel better on a daily basis due to the herbs that are included in the drink.

There is no better way to gain access to these herbs and the fruity taste of Almdudler is a great way to enjoy the health benefits of many of these herbs that are traditionally bitter in taste.

You will never be excited about drinking coneflower tea, but Almdudler will solve this problem for you by offering the same herbal benefits with great taste!

Does Almdudler Offer Any Unique Varieties?

While traditional Almdudler( a carbonated beverage) has always tasted the same since it was first made, the brand does have a few variants that it offers.

Almdudler’s Mate & Guarana

This delightful energy drink does not have the syrupy sweetness of other energy drinks and balances classic Almdudler flavor with some added acai and caffeine from a natural mate.

This is a great way to get a pick-me-up that will not be affected by a sugar crash or a caffeine headache.

Almdudler Still & Syrup

Because the taste of this unique drink is so popular in Europe, Almdudler sells the syrup that contains the flavoring of their drinks for use in homemade concoctions or to give kids the right amount of their daily herbal health benefits in a palatable way.

Light & Sugar-free

To make sure that everyone can enjoy their delightful drinks, Almdudler also makes a sugar-free version of their classic drink. This is a great way to enjoy the classic drink with 60% less sugar with artificial ingredients.

This is a really good option for kids and for adults who cannot have lots of sugar in their daily diet.

What Kind of Drinks Can You Make With Almdudler?

There are many ways to add Almdudler to mixed drinks to create delicious results.

Many people will add Almdudler to any drink that calls for simple syrup or an apple-flavored syrup.

You can also add it to champagne or prosecco for a fruity and bubbly summer treat.

There are recipes out there for Almdudler mojitos and Almdudler original elderflower and mint refreshers as well.

There are so many ways to combine this delightfully sweet yet herbal drink with your favorite alcohol to create delicious cocktails with a fun twist!

This is a common use for this soda in Europe, and once you try one of these delightful cocktails, you will see why it is such a good fit for this need!

Almdudler is Good For Adults, Kids, and Your Health

Almdudler is Good For Adults, Kids, and Your Health

There are very few sodas that can boast that they are not only delicious, but they are also good for your health!

Almdudler is perfect for children, grown-ups, and anyone who loves to have a fruity and fizzy mixed drink.

Almdudler original fizzy drink has a unique flavor profile that is enjoyable for many different reasons.

Almdudler is a great soda that offers a classic and fruity taste along with a satisfying fizz and almdudler recipe.