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RC Cola

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– Established in 1901 as Cole-Hampton-Hatcher Grocery Store in Georgia
– Claud A. Hatcher developed his own soft drink formula after a conflict with Coca-Cola
– Union Bottling Works launched in the grocery store
– Royal Crown Ginger Ale introduced in 1905
– Company renamed to Royal Crown Cola Company in 1951

**Brand Portfolio:**
– RC Kick with guarana introduced in 2010
– Jeera, a cumin-flavored soda for south-central Asian markets, launched in 2012
– RC Dra-Cola, a sugar-free red cola for Halloween 2012
– RC Flavor Extensions introduced in 2023 with new flavors
– RC Cola Berries and Cream launched as a limited-time flavor in 2023

**Advertising Campaigns:**
– Marketed through various campaigns since the 1930s
– Alex Osborn from BBDO created campaigns with slogans
– Advertisement placements in locations like Pennsylvania
– Various slogans used over the years
– Diverse marketing strategies employed to promote the brand

**Ownership and Acquisitions:**
– Macay Holdings acquired RC Global Beverages in 2023 for approximately $47 million
Cadbury Schweppes acquired Royal Crown in 2000
Dr Pepper Snapple Group formed in 2008, later merging with Keurig Green Mountain
– Cott Beverages acquired non-US RC businesses in 2001
– Refresco acquired Royal Crown Cola International in 2021 for $50 million

**Product Innovations:**
– Introduced Diet Rite, the first diet cola in 1962
– Launched Cherry RC, Diet RC, and Diet Rite flavors in 1984
– Released RC 100, a caffeine- and sugar-free cola, in 1980
– Royal Crown Draft Cola with premium ingredients in 1995
– RC Double Caffeine launched in 2022 for an energy boost

RC Cola (Wikipedia)

RC Cola (short for Royal Crown Cola) is a cola-flavored carbonated beverage owned in the United States by Keurig Dr Pepper and internationally by RC Global Beverages, Inc.

Royal Crown Cola
ManufacturerKeurig Dr Pepper
Origin Cusseta, Georgia
Introduced1905; 119 years ago (1905)
FlavorCola, Cherry Cola, Orange, Lemon Lime
VariantsRC Cola
RC No Sugar
Royal Crown Cola
Mighty Rain
RC Refresher
Double Caffeine
Rad Rain
Dave & Co
RC Neo
RC Flavor Collection
RC Cherry Cola
RC Diet Cola

On January 17, 2023, Macay Holdings completed its acquisition of the international business by purchasing 100% of RC Global Beverages, Inc. for approximately $47 million, comprising a $21.4 million cash payment for equity and the assumption of approximately $26 million of obligations.

Royal Crown Ginger Ale is the first product of the RC line, and it referred to the original ingredient: ginger. RC Cola went through various name changes including Chero-Cola and Nehi, Inc. before becoming Royal Crown after the death of Claud A. Hatcher. More flavors were introduced under the RC Cola name including lemon, strawberry, and cane sugar. In the 1950s, Royal Crown company was leading the beverage industry to sell the first canned soft drinks, followed by the first caffeine-free cola. In 1958, RC Cola became available in 16 ounce bottles. Despite the company's innovation and mass advertising campaigns, total revenue was low due to a lack of initiative in distribution.

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