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LA Ice Cola

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– **History:**
– LA Ice Cola launched in Australia in 2000.
– LA Ice Cola is the first cola brand in Australia to introduce a coffee-flavored cola drink.
– Lack of citations for historical claims.

– **Description:**
– LA Ice Cola is similar to RC Cola, with a distinct caramel flavor.
– LA Ice Cola is mainly distributed in supermarkets and independent service stations.
– The brand name “LA” has no specific meaning; it was chosen for its marketing appeal.
– Flavors include LA Ice (Original), LA Maxi Ice (Sugar free with enhanced flavor), and LA Ice No Sugar Cola (Sugar free without enhanced flavor).
– Lack of citations for flavor descriptions.

– **Distribution:**
– LA Ice Cola is primarily distributed in supermarkets and independent service stations.
– Specific distribution channels are not clearly outlined in the provided content.
– No information on international distribution or expansion.
– Lack of citations for distribution details.

– **Variants:**
– LA Ice (Original flavor) is one of the variants offered.
– LA Maxi Ice is a sugar-free variant with enhanced flavor.
– LA Ice No Sugar Cola is a sugar-free variant without enhanced flavor.
– No further details on additional variants or limited editions.
– Lack of citations for variant information.

– **Article Status:**
– The provided content indicates that the article is a stub.
– Encouragement to expand the article is given.
– Lack of citations regarding the stub status.
– Reference to the article’s potential for expansion.
– Reference to the article’s relevance to Australia.

LA Ice Cola (Wikipedia)

LA Ice Cola is a cola-flavored carbonated drink distributed in Australia and owned by Tru Blu Beverages.

LA Ice-Cola
2.25L bottle of LA maxi ICE
ManufacturerTru Blu Beverages
Country of origin Australia
Introduced2000; 24 years ago (2000)
Related productsRC Cola
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