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Red Bull Simply Cola

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– Red Bull Simply Cola is flavored with plant extracts like galangal, vanilla, mustard seed, lime, kola nut, cocoa, liquorice, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, coca leaf, orange, corn mint, pine, cardamom, mace, clove, and lemon juice concentrate.
– Contains 45mg of caffeine per 355ml can, regulated by the FDA.
– Contains more caffeine than Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola but less than Diet Coke and Mountain Dew.
– Contains less caffeine than Red Bull energy drink.
– Contains sugar and caramel color, without phosphoric acid and high fructose corn syrup.

Availability and promotions:
– Initially available in multiple countries including Austria, Germany, United States, and more.
– Packaged in 250 and 355mL cans, sold individually and in 4-packs.
– Discontinued distribution in the US in 2011 to focus on core markets.
– Reintroduced in 2019 with the Organics line.
– Debuted in Turkey in June 2021 and remains available.

Cocaine claim:
– Trace amounts of cocaine found in Red Bull Simply Cola in 2009.
– Red Bull GmbH stated that de-cocainised coca leaf extracts are used.
– Minute amount of around 0.13 micrograms of cocaine per can.
– Drink temporarily banned in some German states but later deemed safe.
Taiwan mistakenly confiscated Red Bull Energy Drink following the ban.

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– Various sources mentioned in the content provide information and details about Red Bull Simply Cola.

Red Bull Simply Cola (previously branded as Red Bull Cola) is a beverage from Red Bull GmbH, makers of the energy drink Red Bull. The cola, which contains natural flavouring and caffeine, was introduced in 2008 in several countries.

Red Bull Simply Cola
250 ml can of the Organics version
ManufacturerRed Bull GmbH
Country of origin Austria
Introduced2008; 16 years ago (2008)
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