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Kola Real

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– **Origin and Expansion**
– Kola Real is a brand of Ajegroup, a key player in the Latin American beverage market.
– Founded by the Añaños Family in Ayacucho, Peru on June 23, 1988.
– Expanded beyond Peru to countries like Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and more.
– Available in various flavors such as strawberry, orange, pineapple, and more.
– Known as Big Cola in Nigeria, Honduras, Mexico, and other countries.

– **Variety of Flavors**
– Kola Real offers flavors like revolution red (strawberry), orange, and lime-lemon.
– Also available in negra (black, similar to Coca-Cola) and dorada (golden, similar to Inca Kola).
– The variety caters to diverse consumer preferences.
– Different flavors help Kola Real appeal to a broad audience.
– Flavors like negra are popular in several countries under different names.

– **Global Presence**
– Kola Real has established a presence in countries like Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Brazil.
– The brand has also expanded to Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Thailand, and Egypt.
– Its availability in multiple countries showcases its global reach.
– International expansion contributes to Kola Real’s brand recognition.
– Presence in diverse markets aids in brand growth and market penetration.

– **Market Position**
– Ajegroup’s Kola Real holds a significant position in the Latin American beverage sector.
– Competes with other renowned brands in the market.
– Offers a competitive range of flavors to attract consumers.
– Brand’s popularity reflects its success in the beverage industry.
– Strong market presence contributes to the brand’s growth and sustainability.

– **Alternative Brand Names**
– Kola Real negra is known as Big Cola in various countries.
– The alternate names cater to local preferences and market demands.
– Different branding strategies help the brand adapt to diverse markets.
– Localization of brand names aids in better consumer connection.
– Use of alternative names showcases brand flexibility and adaptability.

Kola Real (Wikipedia)

Kola Real ("Royal Cola" or "Real Cola") is one of the most popular brands of Ajegroup, a leader in the Latin American beverage market. Started by the Añaños Family es in Ayacucho, Peru on 23 June #1988, the company has grown and expanded not only in Peru, but also in Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Thailand and Egypt . Kola Real is available in many flavours such as "revolution red" (strawberry), orange, pineapple, lime-lemon, "negra" ("black", similar to Coca-Cola) and "dorada" ("golden", similar to Inca Kola). In Nigeria, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Indonesia, Thailand and Egypt , Kola Real "negra" is known as Big Cola.

Kola real
Country of origin Peru
Introduced23 June 1988; 35 years ago (1988-06-23)
Variantscola, orange, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, blueberry
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