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Pietra Brewery

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– History:
– Pietra Brewery established in 1996.
– Pietra beer is a 6% ABV amber beer made from malt and chestnut flour.
– Chestnut flour’s fermentability maintains the beer’s head and golden color.
– Annual production exceeds 25,000 hectoliters.
– Name Pietra originates from Pietraserena, the founder’s Corsican village.

– Other beers brewed by Pietra:
– Serena (5% ABV) has a light head and slight bitterness.
– Colomba is an un-pasteurized white beer with herbes du maquis aroma.
– Variety in Pietra Brewery’s beer offerings.
– Different flavors and characteristics in each beer.
– Focus on quality and unique ingredients.

Corsica Cola:
– Pietra Brewery introduced Corsica Cola in 2003.
– Non-alcoholic soft drink produced alongside beers.
– Diversification of product line.
– Catering to a broader consumer base.
– Expansion into different beverage categories.

– References:
– Sources include Beer Me! and World Class Beer Imports.
– Archived articles providing historical context.
– Authority control databases for verification.
– Information sources for Pietra Brewery.
– Potential for further expansion and research.

– Expansion and Growth:
– Potential for expanding product line.
– Growth opportunities in the beverage industry.
– Innovation in brewing techniques.
– Building a strong brand presence.
– Adapting to changing consumer preferences.

Pietra Brewery (Wikipedia)

Pietra, which means "stone" in Italian (petra is the Corsican equivalent) and is also known as "A biera corsa", is a brand of beer from the Mediterranean French island of Corsica.

Pietra Brewery
Pietra Brewery logo
LocationRoute de La Marana
Annual production volume25,000 hectolitres (21,000 US bbl)
Active beers
Name Type
Pietra Amber Beer
Colomba White Beer
Serena Pure Malt Blond Beer
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