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Corsica Cola

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– **Origin and Production:**
– Regional cola distributed by Corsican brewery Pietra
– Produced in Cholet, western France
– Launched in May 2003
– Stock exhausted in two months due to a heat wave
– Owned by Pietra brewery

– **Sales and Popularity:**
– Sold 1.5 million bottles in Corsica alone on 31 December 2003
– Benefited from unexpected kick start during launch
– Sudden rise in popularity
– Initial success due to high thirst-quenching quality
– Managed by Armelle Sialelli, director of Pietra brewery

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– Belongs to cola brands category
– Introduced as a product in 2003
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Corsica Cola (Wikipedia)

Corsica Cola is a regional cola distributed by the Corsican brewery Pietra (owner of the brand) but produced in Cholet in western France.

Corsica Cola
A Corsica Cola Ad
ManufacturerPietra brewery
Country of origin France
IntroducedMay 2003; 20 years ago (2003-05)
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Corsica Cola benefited from an unexpected kick start during its launch in May 2003: a heat wave. The stock was exhausted in two months. On the 31 December 2003 in Corsica alone, the small company sold 1.5 million bottles. According to Armelle Sialelli, director of the Pietra brewery, previously the creator of Corsican chestnut beer, the goal was to have a product that was highly thirst-quenching.

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