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Auvergnat Cola

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– **History**:
– Origins of Auvergnat Cola with Jean-Philippe Nicolaux
– Inspiration from Corsica Cola
– Existing regional colas in France
– Launch of Auvergnat Cola
– Positive reception for the product’s regional and humorous approach

– **Initial Goal**:
– Appeal to apple growers in Auvergne
– Launch in a humorous manner
– Break-even point and minimum order for production
– Recipe similarity to Coca-Cola with a regional touch
– Objective of launching with a quirky and crazy image

– **Targets**:
– Regional commercial targets
– Focus on restaurant operators and large retailers
– Broadening customer base beyond tripe buyers
– Local drink distributors as part of the target audience
– Strategic approach towards market penetration

– **Implementation**:
– Planning and preparation phase
– Introduction of the cola recipe and branding decisions
– Successful product presentation at SIRHA trade fair
– High demand leading to sold-out initial production
– Launch at agriculture trade fair and positive media reception

– **Goals Reached**:
– Exceeded initial sales targets
– Positive customer feedback and reorders
– Partnerships with chefs and sports clubs
– Significant brand recognition for Julhes
– Production milestones achieved ahead of schedule

Auvergnat Cola (Wikipedia)

Auvergnat Cola is a French soft drink brand founded in 2009 in Auvergne by the societé Julhes, based in Saint-Flour, Cantal, to market an alternative cola drink. In March 2011 it was acquired by Audebert Boissons, based in Bort-les-Orgues.

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