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Qibla Cola

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– Founders:
– Zahida Parveen and Zafer Iqbal were cousins from Derby
– Zahida Parveen initiated the company with a social aim of donating 10% of profits to charity
– Abid Hussain was an investor in the company

– Launch:
– Qibla Cola was launched in the UK market in February 2003
– Nationwide distribution was established within months
– Strong media interest led to global reports and investment offers
– Agreements with distributors were made in Europe, North America, and Asia
– Countries with distribution agreements included Canada, Netherlands, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Malaysia

– Philosophy:
– Marketing strategy aimed to tap into responsible consumption
– 10% of net profits were pledged to humanitarian causes
– Qibla Cola targeted consumers of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds
– Products included cola varieties, Qibla Mango, Guava, Fantasy, 5, and Water
– Chief competitors were Mecca-Cola, Zamzam Cola, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi Cola

– Progress:
– Operations continue in Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
– UK arm of the company went into administration in September 2005
– Claims of anti-competitive practices led to the UK arm’s administration

– References:
– Islamic cola launched in the UK on 4 February 2003
– The Guardian reported on Qibla Cola on 5 February 2003
– Ongoing operations in Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
– UK arm of the company faced administration in September 2005

Qibla Cola (Wikipedia)

Qibla Cola was a cola-flavored carbonated beverage produced by the Qibla Cola Company, based in Derby, England. The company differentiated itself and its products from its rivals by making an ethical stance in all its operations including giving 10% of its profits to worthy charitable causes. The company expanded distribution into North America, Netherlands, Pakistan and Malaysia before the UK company went into receivership in September 2005.

ManufacturerQibla Cola Company
Country of origin United Kingdom
IntroducedFebruary 2003; 21 years ago (2003-02)
DiscontinuedSeptember 2005; 18 years ago (2005-09) (UK)
Related productsCoca-Cola, Zamzam Cola, Mecca Cola Edit this on Wikidata
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