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– **Launch and Philosophy**:
– Mecca-Cola was launched in France in November 2002 by Tawfik Mathlouthi.
– Inspired by Zamzam Cola, Mathlouthi aimed to support Palestinians and provide an alternative to Coca-Cola.
– The company is now based in Dubai and operates in parts of the Arab world, Europe, the U.S., Britain, India, and Canada.
– Mecca-Cola donates 10% of profits to humanitarian projects in Palestine and 10% to charities in sales countries.
– The company promotes a socially conscious message and suggests avoiding alcohol consumption with the drink.

– **International Distribution**:
– By 2008, Mecca-Cola was distributed in 64 countries worldwide.
– Each country had a unique launch date, with France being the first market.
– Despite originating in France, the company moved its headquarters to Dubai.
– The brand faced legal challenges in some countries due to its religious connotations.
– Operations were dissolved in several countries, including India and the UK, in 2015.

– **Influence and Sponsorship**:
– Mecca-Cola sponsored the October 2003 Summit of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.
– The company also offers fruit-flavored soft drinks under the Mecca-Cola brand.
– A BBC documentary in 2003 featured Mecca-Cola and Qibla Cola.
– The Federal Supreme Court of the UAE ruled against registering Mecca-Cola as a trademark in 2012.
– The company dissolved operations in various countries in 2015.

– **Media Coverage and References**:
Mecca Cola gained media attention challenging US rivals and promoting its socially conscious message.
– References to Mecca-Cola can be found in various publications and court rulings.
– The brand faced legal hurdles in some countries due to religious connotations in its name.
– The company’s activities and challenges have been documented in multiple news outlets and academic sources.
– Mecca-Cola’s distribution and impact have been discussed in various news articles and publications.

– **Legacy and Controversies**:
– Mecca-Cola’s legacy includes its support for humanitarian causes and its unique positioning in the soft drink market.
– The brand faced controversies, such as legal battles over trademark registration and religious connotations.
– Despite challenges, Mecca-Cola left a mark on the beverage industry with its charitable contributions and social activism.
– The company’s stance on supporting charities and Palestinian causes has been a core part of its identity.
– Mecca-Cola’s journey reflects the complexities of balancing business success with social responsibility.

Mecca-Cola (Wikipedia)

Mecca-Cola is a cola-flavoured carbonated beverage. The flagship product of the Mecca Cola World Company, it is marketed as an alternative to U.S. brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola to "pro-Muslim" consumers. The product's name contains the traditional Latin-alphabet transliteration of مكة, "Mecca" in Saudi Arabia.

ManufacturerMecca Cola World Company
Country of origin France
IntroducedNovember 2002; 21 years ago (2002-11)
Related productsCoca-Cola, Zamzam Cola, Qibla Cola
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