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Coca-Cola Orange

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– **Consumer Market:**
– Designed to appeal to regular drinkers of Coca-Cola, Coke with Lemon, and Coke with Lime
– Initially flavored with orange only
– Produced in 330ml cans, 500ml plastic bottles, and two-liter plastic bottles
– Available in Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain machines in the UK, Latvia, and Russia
– Limited availability in Brazil in the first half of 2017

– **History:**
– In the 1970s, Coca-Cola sold Mezzo Mix in Germany, similar to Coca-Cola Orange
– Known as Naranja & Cola or Fanta Mezzo Mix in Spain
– Released as Fanta Mezzo in Sweden in January 2017
Mezzo Mix offered for tasting at Epcots Club Cool
Mezzo Mix introduced a low-calorie option, Mezzo Mix Zero, in July 2007

– **Formulation:**
– Contains 1% orange fruit from concentrate
– Introduced in Japan in November 2014 without actual fruit juice

– **Nutrition:**
– Contains 140 calories
– 0g of fat
– 35mg of sodium (1%DV)
– 39g of Carbohydrates, all added sugars (78%DV)

– **References:**
– Zlati Meyer’s article on Coca-Cola debuting Orange Vanilla in February 2019
– Information on Coca-Cola Laranja e Coca-Cola Limão Siciliano limited editions in Brazil
– Introduction of Orange Coca-Cola in Japan
– Details about Coca-Cola Freestyle from
– Stubs related to Coca-Cola Orange on Dr. Enuf and Wikipedia

Coca-Cola Orange (Wikipedia)

Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla, formerly Coca-Cola Orange and in some markets Coca-Cola with Orange, is a variation of Coca-Cola originally available for a limited time. It was introduced in June 2007, in only Gibraltar, following the success of the previous year's Coca-Cola Lime, for which 40% of the launch sales represented new customers and increased purchasing.

Coca-Cola Orange
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
IntroducedJune 2007 (United Kingdom)
November 2014 (Japan)
February 2019 (as Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla)
April 2020 (Russia as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Orange)
Discontinued2007 (United Kingdom) 2022 (United States)
VariantsCoca-Cola Orange Vanilla
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Orange Vanilla

The current, similar product, Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla, was released in the United States on February 25, 2019.

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