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Coca-Cola Life

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**1. Coca-Cola Life Overview:**
– Introduced in 2013 as a healthier alternative to regular Coke.
– Sweetened with stevia and sugar, containing 50% less sugar than regular Coca-Cola.
– Initially launched in Argentina with a green label.
– Marketed to health-conscious consumers worldwide.

**2. Ingredients and Sweeteners:**
– Contains stevia leaf extract, a natural sweetener.
– Green label distinguishes it from other Coca-Cola products.
Stevia provides natural sweetness.
– Designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers by offering a lower sugar option.

**3. Global Expansion and Distribution:**
– Launched in various countries such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, Chile, Brazil, and more.
– Introduced in European countries like Denmark, France, Italy, and Switzerland.
– Expanded to markets like Canada, UAE, and New Zealand.
– Received differently in various markets leading to discontinuations in some regions.

**4. Marketing and Branding Strategies:**
– Unique green branding and packaging with a small green leaf logo.
– Promoted as a low-calorie and natural sweetener option.
Advertising campaigns emphasize health benefits.
– Positive reception in some markets, but faced criticism for ‘greenwashing’ due to health claims.

**5. Consumer Reception and Availability:**
– Positive taste reviews compared to regular Coke.
– Available in different package sizes, including glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.
– Some markets experienced discontinuations of Coca-Cola Life.
– Challenges in maintaining market presence due to consumer preferences impacting sales trends.

Coca-Cola Life (Wikipedia)

Coca-Cola Life was a reduced-calorie version of Coca-Cola introduced in 2013, using a combination of stevia and sugar as sweeteners. It was first released in Argentina and Chile after five years of research together in these countries. The formulation varied by market location, and in some areas the original formulation had been phased out in favor of a zero-calorie version sweetened with stevia only. The drink was discontinued in 2020 as part of the Coca-Cola Company discontinuing underperforming brands.

Coca-Cola Life
Coca-Cola Life cans on a public grocery store shelf.
TypeMid-calorie cola
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
DistributorThe Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin Argentina
Discontinued2019 (Europe and Canada only)
2020 (everywhere else)
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Pepsi True
WebsiteOfficial website
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