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– History:
– Bisleri originated as an Italian alcohol remedy drink by Felice Bisleri in the 19th century.
– In 1965, Cesari Rossi and Khushroo Suntook introduced Bisleri bottled water in India.
– Initially, Bisleri was sold in luxury hotels and restaurants in Mumbai.
– The Jayantilal Chauhan family acquired the struggling Bisleri brand in 1969.
– Bisleri was initially sold in glass bottles in two varieties – bubbly and still.

– Early years:
– In the 1970s, Parle Exports launched Maaza, a fruit drink made of mango pulp.
– Parle Exports entered the carbonated drinks segment after Coca-Cola exited India in 1977.
Mineral water and carbonated water were launched under the Bisleri brand name.
– PVC bottles were initially used for Bisleri water, later switching to PET bottles.
– The company split its soft drinks business between Prakash Chauhan and Ramesh Chauhan.

– Divestments:
– In 1993, Parle Exports sold its carbonated drinks brands to The Coca-Cola Company.
Maaza trademark in the Indian market was also sold to Coca-Cola.
– A 15-year non-compete clause was part of the deal with Coca-Cola.
– Ramesh Chauhan consolidated Bisleri under a single entity in 2000.
– The trademark of Maaza in European and US markets was sold in 2006.

– Present:
– In 2010, Bisleri launched Vedica, a premium bottled water brand sourced from the Himalayan foothills.
– Bisleri re-entered the carbonated drinks segment in 2016 with Bisleri Pop.
– Hand sanitizer products were launched by Bisleri in 2021.
– Bisleri became the Official Hydration partner for five ISL teams.
– Bisleri has a 32% market share in the organized bottled water segment in India.

– Product and legacy:
– Bisleri competes with Aquafina, Kinley, Bailley, and Rail Neer in the bottled water segment.
– Bisleri is commonly used as a generic term for bottled water in India.
– Knockoff brands with similar spelling and branding have emerged.
– Bisleri Pop was launched under the carbonated drinks segment.
– Bisleri has a significant market share and brand recognition in India.

Bisleri (Wikipedia)

Bisleri International (formerly Parle Exports and Parle Bisleri) is an Indian multinational company which is best known for the eponymous brand of bottled water. The company was started in the 1970s by Ramesh Chauhan, and sells bottled water and soft drinks.

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.
FormerlyParle Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Company typePrivate
PredecessorParle Group
Founded1970s (1970s)
FounderRamesh Chauhan
Area served
Key people
Ramesh Chauhan (Chairman)
Zainab Chauhan (Director)
Jayanti Chauhan (Director)
Angelo George (CEO)
ProductsMineral water
Carbonated drinks
  • Bisleri
  • Vedica
  • Fonzo
  • Spyci
  • Limonata
RevenueIncrease 2,300 crore (US$290 million) (FY23)
Increase 200 crore (US$25 million) (FY23)

Bisleri conducts most of its business in India, with 150 operational plants and a network of 6,000 distributors and 7,500 distribution trucks. Bisleri also sells its products through its own e-commerce platform and other online retailers.

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