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– Maaza launched in 1976 in India
– Acquired by Coca-Cola in 1993 from Parle Bisleri
– Union Beverages Factory started selling it in the Middle East and Africa in 1976
– Maaza International Co. LLC Dubai acquired rights in 1995
– House of Spices acquired Maaza for the North American market in 2005

– Initially launched with orange and pineapple variants
– Mango drink competes with Pepsis Slice and Frooti
– Sold in returnable bottles initially
– Available in small cartons and large PET bottles now
– Claims to contain Alphonso mango pulp

– Maaza History And Marketing Strategies – Brandyuva
Coca-Cola launches premium mango drink Maaza Gold in India
– Various Coca-Cola subsidiaries and former holdings listed
– Legal cases involving Coca-Cola mentioned
– Campaigns and slogans associated with Coca-Cola

– Maaza is a popular household name in Dubai
– Maaza has a distinct pulpy taste
– Tastes slightly sweeter than Slice
– Maaza’s mango drink was re-launched in the Indian market
– Differentiation from competitors like Frooti highlighted

– Maaza was acquired by House of Spices for the North American market
– Infra Foodbrands acquired Maaza for European, Caribbean, and West-African markets
– Cooperation between Infra Foodbrands and House of Spices
– Union Beverages Factory sold Maaza in the Middle East and Africa
– Maaza International Co. LLC Dubai acquired rights in 1995

Maaza (Wikipedia)

Maaza (pronounced "Mahza") is a Coca-Cola fruit drink brand from India and marketed in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. Its most popular drink is its mango fruit drink.

TypeFruit juice
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin India
VariantsMaaza Orange, Maaza Pineapple
Related productsSlice, Frooti
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