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XL Cola

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– **Introduction to XL Cola**:
– Cola-flavored soft drink from Sweden
– Introduced by Falcon Brewery in 1985
– Marketed as having “Extra Large Taste”
– Competed with Coca-Cola in Sweden
– Trademark includes image mark with XL letters and stripes

– **Ownership Changes**:
– Falcon Brewery taken over by Carlsberg Group in 1996
– Carlsberg Sweden acquired trademark in 2006
– Brand not currently manufactured (as of 2015)
– Carlsberg holds Swedish license for Pepsi
– Acquisition led to discontinuation of XL Cola production

– **Trademark Details**:
– Image mark features XL letters over stripes
WordCola” in smaller font
– Trademark owned by Carlsberg Sweden
– Notable design elements in the branding
– Reflects the product’s identity and branding

– **Current Status**:
– XL Cola brand no longer in production
– Carlsberg’s focus on Pepsi in Sweden
– Brand’s absence in the market since 2015
– Impact of ownership changes on product availability
– Shift in Carlsberg’s beverage portfolio

– **Wikipedia Entry**:
– Article categorized under Cola brands
– Listed under defunct drink brands
Soft drink stub on Wikipedia
– Additional categories like hRecipes and hProducts
– Article indicates room for expansion

XL Cola (Wikipedia)

XL Cola was a cola-flavoured soft drink produced in Sweden.

XL Cola
Typesoft drink
ManufacturerFalcon Brewery
Country of origin Sweden
Introduced1985; 39 years ago (1985)
VariantsXL Cola Light
Related productsApotekarnes Cola
Cuba Cola
Kitty Kola

XL Cola was introduced by Falcon Brewery in 1985, including the slogan "Extra Large Taste", as a competitor for the Swedish customers of Coca-Cola who didn't like the New Coke.

In 1996, Falcon Brewery was taken over by Carlsberg Group and in 2006 the trademark XL Cola was also taken over by Carlsberg Sweden. The trademark also contains an image mark, the letters XL over narrow stripes and the word Cola in smaller letters. The brand is not manufactured at present (2015), probably because Carlsberg owns the Swedish license for Pepsi.

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