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Apotekarnes Cola

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– **Origin and Production**:
– Apotekarnes Cola was produced in Sweden by Pripps/Carlsberg Sverige.
– Pripps lost the license to sell Coca-Cola in the late 1990s.
– The brand Apotekarnes was used for various soft drink flavors by Pripps.
– Apotekarnes Cola replaced Coca-Cola in the Pripps brewery lineup.
– Carlsberg Sverige later distributed Apotekarnes Cola until obtaining the license for Pepsi-Cola.

– **Brand and Marketing**:
– Apotekarnes Cola was part of the Apotekarnes brand, known as “the Pharmacists.”
– The brand Apotekarnes was used for different soft drink varieties in Sweden.
– The cola was marketed as a substitute for Coca-Cola after Pripps lost the license.
– Pripps leveraged the Apotekarnes brand for its soft drink range.
– The distribution and marketing of Apotekarnes Cola were later taken over by Carlsberg Sverige.

– **Legacy and Impact**:
– Apotekarnes Cola is categorized under defunct drink brands.
– The cola was a significant part of the Swedish soft drink market.
– Its production and distribution were later replaced by Pepsi-Cola.
– The brand’s legacy is preserved through historical documentation.
– Apotekarnes Cola remains a notable part of Swedish beverage history.

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Apotekarnes Cola (Wikipedia)

Apotekarnes Cola was a cola-flavoured soft drink produced in Sweden by Pripps/Carlsberg Sverige.

Apotekarnes Cola
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerPripps/Carlsberg Sverige
Introducedlate 1990s
Related productsCoca-Cola

Pripps held the license to sell Coca-Cola until the late 1990s when this license was lost. The other soft drink flavours of the Pripps brewery - such as julmust, sockerdricka and hallonmust - had been using the brand Apotekarnes ("the Pharmacists"), and this brand was also used for the cola that replaced Coca-Cola. Apotekarnes Cola was distributed by Pripps (later merged into Carlsberg Sverige) until they got the license to produce Pepsi-Cola in Sweden.

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