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Virgin Cola

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– History:
– Virgin Cola was set up in the early 1990s in partnership with Cott, a company specializing in bottling own-label drinks.
– Richard Branson aimed to expand the Virgin brand to compete with Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
– Virgin Cola launched internationally in its first year, starting in the UK on Virgin Atlantic flights and in Virgin Cinemas.
– The drink was distributed through a deal with Tesco in 1994.
– Virgin Cola expanded to France, Belgium, and South Africa.

– Decline:
Coca-Cola initiated a campaign against Virgin Cola as it started outselling Coke in the UK and entered the US market.
– Coke aimed to remove Virgin Cola from shelves by making deals with retailers.
– Virgin Cola sales dropped due to this influencing campaign.
– Virgin Cola was discontinued in Tesco, the largest UK supermarket.
– The UK license for Virgin Cola was acquired by Silver Spring in 2007 but production ceased in early 2009.

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– References:
– Virgin Cola was featured in various TV shows like Friends, Ally McBeal, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
– The UK license for Virgin Cola was acquired by Silver Spring in 2007.
– Production of Virgin Cola ceased in early 2009.
– The final international licensee for Virgin Cola, based in Bangladesh, stopped production in 2014.
– Richard Branson decided to discontinue Virgin Cola after seeing success only in Bangladesh.

– Notable Events:
– In 1995, a promotional blimp featuring Richard Branson appeared on the show Baywatch.
– In 1996, 500 ml bottles of Virgin Cola were marketed as “The Pammy,” resembling Pamela Anderson.
– In 1998, Branson drove a tank into Times Square for the USA launch of Virgin Cola.
– In 2002, Virgin Vanilla cola was launched in the UK.
– In 2004, Virgin Vanilla was discontinued to focus on the teenage market.

Virgin Cola (Wikipedia)

Virgin Cola was a carbonated cola soft drink, launched in 1994. In 2009, it was discontinued in the United Kingdom, and in 2014 it was stopped being made by its final licensee, in Bangladesh.

Virgin Cola
Country of origin American-Canadian
Introduced1994; 30 years ago (1994)
Discontinued2014; 10 years ago (2014)
VariantsDiet Cola, Vanilla, Lime, Orange, Cloudy Lemon, Blue Lemon
Related productsCoca-Cola
RC Cola Edit this on Wikidata
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