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Ubuntu Cola

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Cola named after African philosophy of Ubuntu
– Ubuntu means humanity or fellow feeling; kindness
– No connection with Ubuntu open-source operating system
– Ubuntu Cola is not open-source

Sugar sourced from Fairtrade cooperatives in Malawi and Zambia
– Farmers in Kasinthula earn $4 a day, six times national average income
– Promotes fair trade practices in sourcing ingredients
– Supports sustainable livelihoods for farmers

– UK’s first Fairtrade cola
– Articles from Speciality Food Magazine and
– Official website of Ubuntu Trading Company Ltd
– Information on Ubuntu’s impact in Malawi
– Opportunities for expanding knowledge on the topic

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– Recognized as a Fairtrade brand
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Ubuntu Cola (Wikipedia)

Ubuntu Cola is a soft drink certified by The Fairtrade Foundation. Made with Fairtrade sugar from Malawi and Zambia, Ubuntu Cola is the first UK cola to be Fairtrade certified. It is available for sale in the United Kingdom, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg and online.

Ubuntu Cola
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerUbuntu Trading Company Ltd
DistributorUbuntu Trading Company Ltd
Country of origin United Kingdom
Related productsCoca-Cola, Virgin Cola

It is available in 330 ml cans, 500 ml PET plastic bottles, and 275 ml glass bottles.

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