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Rola Cola

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– Rola Cola was no longer sold in the UK due to a change in distribution
– Comedian Peter Kay frequently mentioned Rola Cola in his routines
– CBL Drinks re-launched Rola Cola in the UK in 2013
The Coca-Cola Company tried to sue Rola Cola in the UK but lost the case
Coca-Cola then attempted to sue Rola Cola in the U.S. based on the same claims

– Retro brand Rola Cola made a comeback with a re-brand in 31 January 2014
– An article stub on soft drinks that can be expanded
– Citation needed for some claims

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Rola Cola (Wikipedia)

In beverages, Rola Cola was a carbonated soft drink created by Carlo Dini in 1979.

Rola Cola
ManufacturerDubuis & Rowsell
Silver Spring Soft Drinks
Country of origin United Kingdom
Discontinued1999; 25 years ago (1999)
FlavourCola Edit this on Wikidata

The soda was produced in the United Kingdom by Dubuis & Rowsell (dissolved in 1999), and originally−formerly by Silver Spring Soft Drinks of Kent, England; and was produced in the United States by the Ungerer Organization.

Rola Cola is distributed in 22 countries and sold internationally.

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