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Evoca Cola

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– Established in May 2003 in the UK
– Launched Evoca Cola in January 2004
– Contains tasteless extract of black seed
– Relaunched in June 2005 to challenge global soft drink manufacturers
– Brand ambassadors included British, English, and Commonwealth boxing champions

Market Positioning:
– Faced competition from Virgin Cola in the UK
– Retained market presence with consistent client base
– Highlighted black seed ingredient for alleged benefits
– Positioned as Ultra Premium Soft Drinks Brand
– Emphasized quality ingredients over image branding

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Evoca Cola (Wikipedia)

Evoca Cola is a cola-flavoured carbonated soft drink. It is produced by Evoca Drinks, a London-based soft drinks company, and is sold in the United Kingdom, The Channel Islands, Europe and the Far East.

Evoca Cola
ManufacturerEvoca Enterprises Limited
Country of origin London, England UK
IntroducedMay 2003; 20 years ago (2003-05)
Related productsCoca-Cola, Pepsi Cola Edit this on Wikidata
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