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Ramblin’ Root Beer

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Campaigns and slogans
– Ashita Ga Arusa
Coke Zero Facial Profiler
– Coming Together
– Country Sunshine
– Hey Kid, Catch!

Ramblin' Root Beer (Wikipedia)

Ramblin' Root Beer is a root beer formerly made by The Coca-Cola Company. The product disappeared after Coca-Cola bought Barq's in 1995. A famous ad campaign for the product featured Sarah Jessica Parker. By the 1980s, it was available primarily only in fountain outlets. In 1994, the popular pop-punk band Blink-182 thanked Ramblin' Root Beer for the making of the album “Cheshire Cat”[citation needed].

Ramblin' Root Beer

As of 2022, Ramblin' Root Beer is again available for sale, distributed by Orca Beverage of Mukilteo, Washington.

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