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Jazz (soft drink)

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– **History:**
Pepsi Corporation launched Pepsi Jazz in 2006.
– Flavors included Black Cherry and French Vanilla, Strawberries and Cream, and Caramel Cream.
– Used the 2003 Pepsi logo.
– Ad campaign featured the tagline “Jazz, the new sound of cola.”
– Discontinued in 2007 due to poor sales.

– **Advertising Campaign:**
– Featured a jazz- and blues-themed TV spot by DDB.
– Actress Leah Elias and soundtrack by Genji Siraisi were part of the campaign.
– People Magazine ad had a pop-up image, audio clip, and scratch and sniff feature.
– Planned interactive website for remixing soundtrack was never developed.
– Intended to target a young, African American clientele.

– **Comparison with Coca-Cola:**
– Campaign noted for similarities with Coca-Cola’s jazz branding.
Coca-Cola donated $10 million to Jazz at Lincoln Center.
Pepsi brand manager claimed the campaigns were unrelated.
Coca-Cola’s jazz branding included support for education programs.
Pepsi discontinued Jazz after the success of Pepsi Max.

– **In Popular Culture:**
– Mentioned in the movie “The Promotion.”
– Various books and articles mention Jazz and its advertising campaign.
– Notable mentions in marketing and music-related publications.
– Brief appearances in pop culture references.
– Some references to Jazz in the context of marketing and music.

– **Miscellaneous:**
Pepsi Jazz is categorized under PepsiCo soft drinks.
– Introduced in 2006 and discontinued in 2009.
– Classified as a diet drink and a discontinued soft drink.
– Some articles and references discuss Jazz as a soft drink.
– Wikipedia page provides additional information on Jazz.

Jazz (soft drink) (Wikipedia)

Diet Pepsi Jazz was an American brand of soda introduced by the Pepsi company in 2006 and discontinued in 2009. It was a specifically named variant of Pepsi's popular Diet Pepsi product, combining several different flavors.

Diet Pepsi Jazz
Product typeDiet cola
Discontinued2009; 15 years ago (2009)
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