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Pepsi Next

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Pepsi Next was introduced in 2012 as a mid-calorie cola by PepsiCo.
Pepsi Edge, G2, and Trop50 were other mid-calorie beverages released by PepsiCo.
Pepsi Next was tested in markets like Cedar Rapids and Eau Claire before its official launch.
– In some markets, Pepsi Next was sweetened with stevia, reducing sugar content by 30%.
– The formulation of Pepsi Next varied across different countries, with some versions free from artificial sweeteners.

**Reception and Taste**
Pepsi Next was perceived as having a flavor similar to regular Pepsi but with artificial aftertaste.
– Some reviews noted Pepsi Next to be smoother and less syrupy than regular Pepsi.
– Differences in flavor between Pepsi Next and original Pepsi were observed by consumers.
– The taste of Pepsi Next was described as having a hint of lemon by some individuals.
– Despite having fewer calories, Pepsi Next was noted to not taste like a typical diet soda.

Pepsi Next’s marketing included TV commercials featuring celebrities like Eva Longoria and Nicki Minaj.
– Internet and print ads highlighted Pepsi Next’s tagline: “Real Cola Taste, 60% Less Sugar.”
– A unique advertising strategy during the 2013 Super Bowl featured customer photos.
– The launch of Pepsi Next was supported by various advertising campaigns.
– A television commercial was created to showcase a young couple enjoying Pepsi Next.

**See Also**
Pepsi Edge was a mid-calorie cola that preceded Pepsi Next but was discontinued after two years.
Diet Pepsi is the original diet cola version of Pepsi.
Pepsi Max is a highly caffeinated diet cola by PepsiCo.
Pepsi ONE is a different diet cola sweetened with Splenda and containing one calorie.
– The Pepsi Next brand was part of PepsiCo’s mid-calorie beverage lineup.

Pepsi Next was launched in Australia using stevia as a natural sweetener.
– Reviews of Pepsi Next highlighted its taste and formulation.
– Various celebrities like Paula Patton and Nicki Minaj were featured in Pepsi Next ads.
– The marketing of Pepsi Next included TV commercials, print ads, and online campaigns.
Pepsi Next’s introduction in different markets showcased variations in its formulation.

Pepsi Next (Wikipedia)

Pepsi Next (stylized as pepsi next or pepsi NEXT) is a discontinued cola-flavored carbonated soft drink produced by PepsiCo. It was a variant of the Pepsi cola range.

Pepsi Next
Product typeMid-calorie cola, and 30% less sugar
CountryUnited States
Related brandsPepsi Edge
Pepsi ONE
Pepsi Max

In some markets it was sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose, and marketed toward drinkers of full-calorie Pepsi, and those who do not enjoy the taste of Diet Pepsi, Pepsi ONE, Pepsi Max, and other diet colas.

On June 25, 2013, PepsiCo informed their Facebook readers that the new formulation of Pepsi Next no longer contained aspartame, the artificial sweetener used in many diet soft drinks including Diet Pepsi, hence some bottles sold in the U.S. read 'aspartame free'. However, the continued presence of acesulfame potassium means this version of the product still contained artificial sweeteners.

In other marketing areas, including Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, where it was marketed as having "30% less sugar", Pepsi Next was sweetened using an extract from stevia and had no artificial sweeteners.

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