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Crystal Cola

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Subtopic 1: Overview
– Kristal Kola is a Turkish cola brand.
– Manufactured and distributed by Kristal Kola Ve Meşrubat San Tic A.Ş.
– Founded in 1996 with headquarters in Istanbul.
– Operates four production plants.
– Produces soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, and natural mineral water.

Subtopic 2: Product Range
– Offers cola with different formulas and ingredients.
– Some products are sold under the names Chat and Rival.
– Available in 330 ml cans and 1, 1½, 2, and 2½ liter PET bottles.
– Brand name spelled Kristal Cola on all packaging.
– Exported to the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and other countries.

Subtopic 3: Distribution
– Kristal Kola Ve Meşrubat San Tic A.Ş. exports products to various countries.
– Key export destinations include Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Mali.
– Also exported to Mauretania, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
– The company has a wide international distribution network.
– Aziz Erdoğan serves as the General Manager of Kristal Kola.

Subtopic 4: Company Information
– Kristal Kola Ve Meşrubat San Tic A.Ş. is the manufacturer and distributor.
– Founded in 1996.
– Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.
– Operates four production plants.
– Offers a diverse range of beverages including soft drinks and energy drinks.

Subtopic 5: Expansion and Recognition
– The company has gained recognition for its beverage range.
– Kristal Kola has expanded its market presence internationally.
– Known for quality products and diverse flavors.
– Continues to grow its customer base globally.
– The brand has established a strong foothold in the beverage industry.

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