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Coca-Cola Vanilla

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**Development and History**:
– Original Coca-Cola contains small amounts of vanilla.
– History of adding vanilla flavoring to Coca-Cola dates back to the 1940s.
Coca-Cola tested a blend with extra vanilla flavoring at the 1982 World’s Fair.
– Rumors of a new Coca-Cola variation started circulating in April 2002.
– Vanilla Coke production began in May 2002.

**Marketing and Distribution**:
– Vanilla Coke aimed to appeal to all generations.
– Debut at the Vanilla Bean Café in Pomfret, Connecticut.
– Diet variety targeted primarily at women.
– Notable TV ad featuring actor Chazz Palminteri.
– Marketing focused on balancing newness with established Coca-Cola qualities.
– Vanilla Coke was first introduced in the US in 2002.
– Introduced to European markets in 2002.
– Marketed in over 30 countries by late 2003.
– Distributed through Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

**Reception, Discontinuation, and Future Prospects**:
– Vanilla Coke saw best sales in its inaugural year of 2002.
– Purchased by about 29% of US households in 2002.
– Sales declined in subsequent years.
– Discontinued in North America and Great Britain in 2005.
– Reintroduced in the US in 2007 with a new packaging design.
– Vanilla Coke was reintroduced in New Zealand in 2007.
Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero was introduced.
– Reintroduced in Canada in 2016.
Coca-Cola initially stated no plans to return Vanilla Coke to the UK despite demand.

**Product Information**:
– Vanilla Zero Sugar was introduced in the UK in April 2017.
Coca-Cola Vanilla was available in various countries like Romania, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, and more.
Coca-Cola confirmed discontinuation of Vanilla in the UK in favor of Vanilla Zero Sugar in 2018.
Coca-Cola Vanilla was introduced in Lithuania in late 2015 for a limited time.
– Nutritional information per serving and per 100mL.
– Packaging details including changes in design over the years.
– Varieties such as Coca-Cola Vanilla, Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero, and Diet Coke Vanilla.

**Additional Notes**:
Coca-Cola Vanilla has had various releases and discontinuations in different countries over the years.
– Vanilla Coke has seen changes in packaging and flavor offerings.
Coca-Cola’s decision to discontinue Vanilla in the UK led to the introduction of Vanilla Zero Sugar.
– The drink has a loyal fan base, leading to its return in some markets due to nostalgia and demand.
Coca-Cola has faced legal challenges and controversies in the past, including trademark disputes and labor issues.

Coca-Cola Vanilla (Wikipedia)

Coca-Cola Vanilla (commonly referred to as Vanilla Coke) is a vanilla-flavored version of Coca-Cola, introduced in 2002 but subsequently discontinued in North America and the United Kingdom in 2005, only remaining available as a fountain drink. It was relaunched in the US in 2007; in Denmark in 2012, the UK in 2013, and Canada in 2016. Vanilla Coke has been available in Australia since its initial introduction in 2002, being produced by Coca-Cola Europacific Partners. Originally announced as a limited edition in the UK, it became permanent for several years; however, it was again discontinued in the UK in Summer 2018. Despite this, the product has still been distributed in related brands Diet Vanilla Coke and Coke Vanilla Zero.

Coca-Cola Vanilla
1.25 Litre bottle of Coca-Cola Vanilla
TypeVanilla-flavored cola
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin United States
Introduced2002; 22 years ago (2002) (first run)
2007; 17 years ago (2007) (second run)
Discontinued2005; 19 years ago (2005) (first run)
VariantsDiet Vanilla Coke, Coke Vanilla Zero
Related productsCoca-Cola
Diet Coke
Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla
Coca-Cola Cherry
Coca-Cola with Lime

In 2003, Pepsi introduced Pepsi Vanilla to compete with Vanilla Coke. Virgin released their own vanilla cola in 2002 in the UK, the year before Coke released Vanilla Coke there.

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