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Coca-Cola Raspberry

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– Variants
Coca-Cola Raspberry launched in New Zealand in 2005.
– Third Coca-Cola flavor in New Zealand after Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke.
– Debuted in the US on Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in 2009.
– Reintroduced in New Zealand and Australia with reduced sugar in 2017.
Coca-Cola California Raspberry sold in the US as a natural product.

Coca-Cola Raspberry
– Released in New Zealand in 2005 and Fiji in 2006.
– US debut in 2009 on Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.
– Reintroduced in New Zealand and Australia in 2017 with less sugar.
– Reintroduced in Australia in 2023 with the 2017 formula.
Coca-Cola California Raspberry sold in the US as a natural product.

Diet Coke Raspberry
– Introduced alongside Coca-Cola Raspberry in New Zealand.
– Offered as a diet option with raspberry flavor.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Raspberry
– Released in Finland and Norway in 2018.
– Launched in the UK in 2019 and expanded to other countries.
– Offered in 600ml bottles in various countries.
– Introduced in Australia in 2023.

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– References
Coca-Cola Raspberry launch news on New Zealand Herald in 2005.
– Reintroduction announcement in New Zealand in 2017.
– Article discussing Coca-Cola Raspberry on Lifehacker Australia.
– Article stub on Wikipedia about Coca-Cola Raspberry.
– Categories include Coca-Cola brands, discontinued soft drinks, and more.

Coca-Cola Raspberry, Diet Coke Raspberry and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Raspberry were variantations of Coca-Cola drink with a raspberry flavor. The drink was originally produced exclusively for New Zealand, and was later expanded.

Raspberry Coke
TypeRaspberry flavored Cola
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin New Zealand
Introduced2005; 19 years ago (2005)
VariantsDiet Coke Raspberry
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Raspberry
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