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Wine glass

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**Wine Glass Shapes and Impact on Taste:**
– Variety of shapes of wine glasses and flutes
– Glass shape impact on taste not scientifically proven
– Importance of glass shape debated
– Different glass shapes and temperatures affect wine bouquets and finishes
– Glass shape directs wine to different areas of the mouth

**Types of Wine Glasses:**
Red Wine Glasses:
– Rounder, wider bowls for increased oxidation
– Bordeaux glass for full-bodied red wines
– Burgundy glass for delicate red wines
White Wine Glasses:
– Vary in size and shape
– Different glasses accentuate unique wine characteristics
– Wide-mouthed glasses promote oxidation in full-flavored white wines
– Smaller mouth preserves crisp flavors
Champagne Flutes:
– Long stems and narrow bowls to retain carbonation
– Enhance visual appeal of bubbles
– Retain carbonation in champagne

**Specialty Wine Glasses:**
– Sherry Glass:
– Enhances aroma with narrow taper
– Retains aromas of beverages
– Enhances presentation of layered shooters
– ISO Wine Tasting Glass:
– Concentrates wine bouquet
– Glass design specified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
– INAO official wine tasting glass with lead crystal

**Wine Glass Use and Materials:**
– Authors recommend holding glass by stem to avoid warming wine
– Lead glass replaced by lead-free glass due to health concerns
– Titanium-infused glass increases durability
– Hock glass is an exception to colored or frosted wine glasses

**Historical and Decorative Aspects of Wine Glasses:**
– 18th-century decorative glass-making techniques
– Capacity Measure:
– Wineglass as a unit of apothecary measure
– Ancient Roman cyathus capacity
– Decoration:
– Spiral patterns in stems
– Airtwist glass and opaque twist techniques

Wine glass (Wikipedia)

A wine glass is a type of glass that is used for drinking or tasting wine. Most wine glasses are stemware (goblets), i.e., they are composed of three parts: the bowl, stem, and foot.

Pair of 18th century opaque twist stem glasses
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