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White Rock Beverages

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SUBTOPIC: Marketing with Santa Claus
Coca-Cola credited with modern Santa image
– White Rock used Santa in ads before Coca-Cola for ginger ale
– Santa used to sell mineral water in 1915
– Advertisement from December 1923 shows Santa with White Rocks ginger ale
– White Rock played a role in shaping Santa’s image in marketing

SUBTOPIC: Drink maker history
– White Rock Beverages was a top mineral water producer in 1923
– Company also made ginger ale and other soft drinks
– Property value in 1923 was $7,311,767
– White Rock Mineral Springs Company made White Rock soft drinks in 1941
– Land holdings and bottling plants contributed to company’s value

SUBTOPIC: Psyche logo
– White Rock has used Psyche image as logo for over 120 years
– Rights to painting titled Psyche at Natures Mirror purchased in 1893
– Logo based on Paul Thumann’s painting
– Psyche logo has been a consistent brand element for White Rock
– Logo acquired at the Chicago Worlds Fair

SUBTOPIC: Brand portfolio
– White Rock Cola is a soft drink manufactured by White Rock Beverages
– Variants include Diet White Rock
– Related products include Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola
– Psyche logo visible on White Rock bottles in various media
– White Rock brand featured in novels, films, and advertisements

SUBTOPIC: References
– NPR article by Joel Rose on White Rock Beverages
– Snopes article on the history of Santa Claus in advertising
– White Rock Collectors Association website on Santa and White Rock
– BevNET article on Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus marketing
– Wall Street Journal articles on White Rock Mineral Springs and Candy and Beverage Industry

White Rock Beverages (White Rock Products Corporation) is an American beverage company located in Whitestone, Queens, New York City. The company was established in 1871 by pharmacist H.M. Colver in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The Potawatomi Indians and settlers believed that the nearby White Rock natural spring had special medicinal powers, so White Rock Beverages started out as a destination for vacationers and health seekers. By 1876, the company was bottling and distributing the natural spring water throughout the country.

White Rock Beverages
Company typeprivate Corporation
Founded1871 Waukesha, Wisconsin
FounderH.M. Colver
United States
ProductsSeltzer, soft drinks
OwnerMorgan Family
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