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**Teahouse Locations and Cultures:**

– Central Asia: Shayhana, chaykhana, and choyxona in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Notable teahouses in Tajikistan, Iran, and Turkey.
South Asia: Pak Tea House in Lahore, Pakistan.
Europe: Tea rooms in the UK, including London hotels like Browns Hotel. Tea rooms in Commonwealth countries.
– Elsewhere: France’s Salon de thé, Czech Republic’s tea room culture, Kosovo’s çajtore.

**Teahouse Historical Context:**

– Relationship to 19th-century temperance movement.
– Catherine Cranston’s influence on tea room popularity.
Tea rooms in the UK and US as alternatives to pubs.
– Decline of tea rooms in Britain in the 1950s with the rise of cafés.

**Teahouse Variations and Meanings:**

– Forsman Tea in Finland as the largest tea shop.
Tea shops as retail stores selling dry tea.
– Different meanings of tearoom in South African English.
– Workplace tea rooms for employee relaxation.

**Teahouse Influence on Society and Culture:**

Tea consumption in British culture.
– Role of tea in modern Japanese society.
– Teahouse impact on music, arts, literature, and historical texts.
– Teahouse references in different cultural and historical contexts.

**Teahouse in Culinary History and Tradition:**

Tea’s significance in British culinary history.
– Teahouse references in academic works on food and culture.
– Teahouses as social spaces in different historical eras.
– Role of teahouses in shaping local culinary traditions.

**Teahouse Business and Economic Impact:**

Tea consumption statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization.
– Economic impact of teahouses on local communities.
– Teahouses as tourist attractions and economic drivers.
– Teahouse business models, sustainability practices, and industry growth trends.

Teahouse (Wikipedia)

A teahouse or tearoom (also tea room) is an establishment which primarily serves tea and other light refreshments. A tea room may be a room set aside in a hotel, especially for serving afternoon tea, or may be an establishment that only serves cream teas. Although the function of a tearoom may vary according to the circumstance or country, teahouses often serve as centers of social interaction, like coffeehouses.

Tea served in a tea room at the Shantytown Heritage Park in New Zealand
Tea house in Moscow, 2017

Some cultures have a variety of distinct tea-centered establishments of different types, depending on the national tea culture. For example, the British or American tearoom serves afternoon tea with a variety of small snacks.

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