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Jolly Cola

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– Jolly Cola is a Danish soft drink dating back to 1959.
– Owned by Dansk Coladrik A/S.
– Produced by Brewery Vestfyen.
– Jolly Cola had 40% market share in Denmark until the 1980s.
– Slogan changed to “Free your taste” in 2009.

Market Competition:
– Danish producers formed Dansk Coladrik A/S in 1959 to compete with Coca-Cola.
– Jolly Cola quickly gained popularity in Denmark.
– Jolly Cola sold more bottles than Coca-Cola in July 1959.
– Jolly Cola’s success attributed to strong marketing and distribution network.
– Maintained market share until the 1980s.

Decline and Revival:
– Jolly Cola had 60% market share in the 1980s.
– Sales declined in the 1990s.
– Removed from shelves by Danish Consumers Cooperative Society in 1999.
– Vestfyen took over struggling Jolly Cola in 2003.
– Jolly Cola’s sales revived to 25% in 2004.

Label Design:
– Jolly’s labels have a retro design.
– Labels have included quizzes and proverbs in the past.
– Retro design is consistent in the new logo.
– Labels featured quizzes and crossword puzzles in the 1980s and 1990s.
– Jolly Cola’s labels have changed over time.

Jolly Cola (Wikipedia)

Jolly Cola is an original Danish soft drink dating back to 1959. Jolly is owned by the limited company 'Dansk Coladrik A/S' (Danish Coladrink Ltd). Jolly Cola is now produced by Brewery Vestfyen, which also produces Jolly Light, Jolly Time (a sports drink), and Jolly Orange.

Jolly Cola
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerBryggeriet Vestfyen, Assens with license from Dansk Coladrik A/S
Country of origin Denmark
Introduced1959; 65 years ago (1959)
VariantsJolly Cola, Jolly Light, Jolly Energy Cola, Jolly Time, Jolly Orange Edit this on Wikidata

Dansk Coladrik was founded in 1959 to compete with the American brands before they hit the danish markets, especially Coca-Cola. Many products from the United States were copied in this way shortly before they were introduced in Denmark, so people already had a connection with the Danish brand. Dansk Coladrink is an independent company owned by the stock holders; however, Brewery Vestfyen owns a majority of stock in the company. Up until the 1980s, Jolly Cola had a market share of about 40% of the Danish cola market. This was extraordinary, as Denmark is one of a few countries in the world, where another cola than the original Coca-Cola has had a larger market share.

Jolly Cola's longtime slogan "Say Jolly to your cola!" was changed to "Free your taste" on its 50th birthday in 2009. The bottles and cans today has the slogan “EN ÆGTE DANSK ORIGINAL – SIDEN 1959” meaning "A REAL DANISH ORIGINAL - SINCE 1959"

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