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Double Cola Company

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– **History**:
– Founded in 1922 by former Chero-Cola employees.
– Moved to Chattanooga in the same year.
– Introduced Marvel Cola in 1924, leading to a name change to Seminole Flavor Company.
– Developed flagship product Double-Cola in 1933.
– Introduced flavored variants like Double-Orange, Double-Lemon, and Double-Grape.

– **Since 2010**:
– Diet Double-Cola reformulated with Splenda in 2010.
– Rebranded Double Cola in 2012.
– Expanded product line to include Quad Energy and MINŌKU Coconut Water in 2013.
– Plans to launch ZILI Tea in five flavors.
– ZILI Tea described as all-natural and hydrating.

– **Marketing**:
– Once marketed as a lower-cost alternative to Coca-Cola.
– Now positioned as a premium brand in Southern Indiana.
– Diet versions of Double Cola and Ski introduced recently.
– Jumbo line extended to include various fruit flavors.
– Presence in international markets like South Asia and the Middle East.

– **References**:
– Company history available on Funding
– International Directory of Company Histories provides insights.
– The Double Cola Company website offers the story.
– Dr. Enuf is part of the company’s history.
– Historical information can be found on archived sources.

– **Expansion**:
– Ski, a citrus soda, was developed in 1956.
– Double-Cola was the first major soft drink in a 16-ounce returnable bottle in 1957.
– Ownership changes occurred with Fairmont Foods in 1962.
– K.J. International, Inc. acquired the company in 1980.
– Double Cola used a Chinese name in Hong Kong in the 1960s.

The Double Cola Company is a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based manufacturer of soft drinks.

The Double Cola Company
Company typePrivate, wholly owned subsidiary
Founded1922; 102 years ago (1922)
FounderCharles D. Little
Joe S. Foster
JUMBO fruit flavors line
QUAD Energy
MINŌKU Coconut Water
Number of employees
20 (2003)
ParentK.J. International, Inc.
Double Cola
Double Cola can, 1980s–90s era
Typesoft drink
ManufacturerDouble Cola Company
Country of origin  United States
VariantsSki, Jumbo Orange, Jumbo Grape Edit this on Wikidata

Their primary product, Double-Cola, is predominantly distributed east of the Mississippi River in the US. It is also available in select international markets.

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