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Cavan Cola

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– Product:
– Cavan Cola sold in small 250ml bottles
– Distinctive green book label
– Taste slightly sweeter than Coca-Cola
– Slightly liquorice flavor
– Popular in Cavan and outsold global brands in County Cavan and County Leitrim

– Revival Attempts:
– Cavan Cola withdrawn in 2001
– Subject of several revival campaigns
– Parent company of Cavan Mineral Water refused to bring it back
– Produced in Dublin in the late 1990s

– References:
– McCarney, Damian’s work on the rise and fall of Cavan Cola
– Coverage in The Anglo-Celt newspaper
– Retrieved on December 20, 2023

– Unknown Details:
– Lack of citations for certain claims
– Uncertainty about the revival potential
– Limited information on the market impact
– Missing details on the production process
– Absence of data on consumer preferences

– Legacy:
– Cavan Cola’s impact on local communities
Nostalgia associated with the brand
– Influence on local beverage preferences
– Cultural significance in Cavan and surrounding areas
– Enduring memories among former consumers

Cavan Cola (Wikipedia)

Cavan Cola was a brand of soft drink produced by Cavan Mineral Water Ltd. in the town of Cavan, Ireland. It was introduced in 1958, and was sold in 250 ml and 710 ml bottles in shops in counties Cavan, Monaghan, Sligo, Leitrim, Louth , Donegal and Meath. The product proved so popular there that it went national in the early 1990s. In 1993, the still family-run Cavan Mineral Water Ltd. was taken over by Finches, who began phasing out Cavan Cola. By 2001, Cavan Cola had disappeared from most shops, even in County Cavan.

Cavan Cola
ManufacturerCavan Mineral Water
Country of origin Ireland
Introduced1958; 66 years ago (1958)
Discontinued2001; 23 years ago (2001)
Related productsScore Cola, Cadet Cola
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