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Zamzam (soft drink)

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– History:
– Established in Iran in 1954 as a Pepsi subsidiary by Habib Sabet.
– Ownership changed after the 1979 Islamic revolution without compensation.
– Renamed ZamZam after the takeover.
– Became associated with the Hajj pilgrimage after a Coca-Cola boycott in 2002.
– Named after the Well of Zamzam in Mecca.

– References:
– Mentioned in Islam Online’s news section.
– Featured in an article by Haley Willard on little-known popular sodas.
– Covered in a piece by Michael Theodoulou, Charles Bremner, and Daniel McGrory during the Cola wars in 2002.
– BBC News reported on the success of Islamic cola in Saudi Arabia.
– Various sources provide insights into Zamzam’s history and significance.

– External Links:
– Official website for Zamzam.
– Zam Zam Foods North America Inc. serves as distributors in the US and Canada.
– Wikipedia notes the soft drink article as a stub.
– Opportunities to expand the Wikipedia page are available.
– Access to additional information and resources provided through external links.

– Significance:
– Associated with the Hajj pilgrimage due to its name and history.
– Gained prominence as an alternative to Coca-Cola during the Saudi Arabian boycott in 2002.
– Reflects the intersection of religion, culture, and commerce.
– Represents a unique cultural product with historical ties to Iran and the Islamic world.
– Positioned as a symbol of resilience and adaptation in the face of political changes.

– Cultural Impact:
– Zamzam’s history reflects broader themes of ownership, identity, and cultural appropriation.
– The drink’s name and branding are deeply rooted in Islamic symbolism and heritage.
– Zamzam serves as a cultural touchstone for individuals on the Hajj pilgrimage.
– The beverage’s popularity extends beyond religious contexts to reach diverse consumer markets.
– Zamzam’s story highlights the complexities of cultural products in a globalized world.

Zamzam (Persian: زمزم, Zemzem, formerly Zamzam Cola) is a brand of soft drink produced in Iran by Zamzam Group. The director of the Zamzam Group is Ahmad-Haddad Moghaddam. Zamzam Group is owned by the Mostazafan Foundation.

Zamzam Cola
Zam Zam cola]
A bottle of the cola variant of Zamzam[needs update]
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerZamzam Group
Country of origin Iran
Introduced1954; 70 years ago (1954) (as a subsidiary of Pepsi)
VariantsCola, lemon, orange, lemonade, mango, mineral water
Related productsMecca-Cola, Qibla Cola, Eram Cola, Parsi Cola, Cola Turka,
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