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SUBTOPIC: References[edit] – Chaudhuri, Sumit Kumar, ed. (2006)
– Case Studies on Competitive Strategies, Volume 1, ICFAI Books, p.64, ISBN9788131401965
Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (66.5%)
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (19.5%)
Coca-Cola FEMSA (28%)

SUBTOPIC: Former Holdings
Beverage Partners Worldwide
Coca-Cola Amatil
Coca-Cola Enterprises
– Columbia Pictures
TriStar Pictures

– United States v. Forty Barrels and Twenty Kegs of Coca-Cola (1916)
– Escola v. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. (1944)
– Sinaltrainal v. Coca-Cola (2001)
– POM Wonderful v. Coca-Cola (2014)

SUBTOPIC: Campaigns and Slogans
– Ashita Ga Arusa
Coke Zero Facial Profiler
– Coming Together
– Country Sunshine
– Hey Kid, Catch!

SUBTOPIC: Categories
Coca-Cola brands
– Mexican drinks
Soft drink stubs
– Articles with short description
– Short description matches Wikidata

Senzao (Wikipedia)

Senzao is a carbonated drink made with guarana by The Coca-Cola Company sold in Mexico. Guarana is a fruit which grows in Brazil. In 2004 it was released for a limited time a Guarana-Orange flavor called Senzao Guaranaranja.

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