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Schweppes Cola

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– **Origin of Schweppes Cola**
– Produced by Schweppes
– Initially available in Australia
– Later distributed globally
– Taste similar to Count Cola
– Widely sold in supermarkets and take-away outlets

– **Discontinuation in Australia**
Schweppes obtained license to produce Pepsi
– Product phased out in Australia
– Availability shifted to other countries
– Ownership transferred to Dr Pepper Snapple Group
– Currently found in Canada and other nations

– **Ownership and Distribution**
Dr Pepper Snapple Group owns Schweppes Cola
– Product distribution by the same group
– Brand currently available worldwide
– History of ownership changes
– Presence in various markets

– **Current Availability**
– Sold in Canada and other nations
– Widely distributed in supermarkets
– Presence in take-away food outlets
– Continues to be produced and sold
– Global presence of the brand

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Schweppes Cola (Wikipedia)

Schweppes Cola is a brand of cola produced by Schweppes. It was, at first, available mainly in Australia, but it was eventually made available worldwide. The taste is similar to the now-defunct Count Cola. The product was widely available in supermarkets and small take-away food outlets. In Australia, the product was discontinued when Schweppes obtained a license to produce Pepsi products in Australia. Schweppes Cola is currently owned and distributed by Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Today, the product can be found in Canada and other countries.

Schweppes Cola
ManufacturerDr Pepper Snapple Group (formerly Dr Pepper/Seven Up)
Country of origin Italy, Switzerland, Australia and United States
Introduced1985; 39 years ago (1985)
Discontinued2000; 24 years ago (2000) in Australia
VariantsDiet Schweppes Cola
Related productsRC Cola
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