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President’s Choice

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**History and Development:**
– Presidents Choice (PC) products launched in 1984 with gourmet coffee.
– Inspired by Marks & Spencer for private label success.
– CEO invested $40 million in product development.
– Emphasized improving product quality and packaging redesign.
– Introduced Insiders Report for quirky product reviews and food tips.
– Developed The Decadent chocolate chip cookie as a best-selling product.

**Product Innovation and Expansion:**
– Introduced G.R.E.E.N in 1989, an environmentally friendly product line.
– PC had 500 products and $1.5 billion in sales by 1990.
– Launched products like New Wave Cola and Too Good To Be True!
– Expanded into US and international markets.
– Dave Nichols played a crucial role in product development.
– Marketing efforts included infomercials and collaborations with retailers.

**Leadership Changes and Post-Nichol Era:**
– Dave Nichol departed in 1993 but remained as PC’s spokesman.
– Loblaw’s profits showed growth post-Nichol’s departure.
– Launched Presidents Choice Financial in 1998.
– Introduced new product lines like PC Organics and PC Blue Menu.
– Galen G. Weston became Executive Chairman in 2006, focusing on environmental initiatives and healthier products.

**Product Lines and Market Presence:**
– PC products primarily sold at Loblaw-owned stores in Canada.
– Expanded into new service-oriented areas.
– Offered biodegradable and sustainable single-use products.
– PC Mini Chefs line introduced for kids.
– PC products widely available in Canadian supermarkets.

**Marketing Campaigns and Initiatives:**
– Launched Eat Together campaign in 2017 to promote shared meals.
– Addressed societal issues and encouraged living in the present moment.
– Featured philosopher Alan Watts in a 2021 commercial.
– Received millions of views and shares for online videos.
– Loblaw products and subsidiaries are prevalent globally.

President's Choice (Wikipedia)

President's Choice (French: Le choix du Président) or PC is a line of grocery products and services offered by the Canada-based Loblaw Companies Ltd.

President's Choice
OwnerLoblaw Companies
Presidents Choice (PC) Club Soda
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