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**History and Business Operations**:
– PRAN (Programme for Rural Advancement Nationally) was founded in 1981 by retired Major General Amjad Khan Chowdhury, pioneering agribusiness in Bangladesh.
– PRAN Foods, a subsidiary of PRAN-RFL Group, produces various agricultural products.
– The group consists of PRAN-Group and RFL-Group, with multiple registered companies like Agricultural Marketing Co. Ltd and
– PRAN-RFL Group has received accolades such as Top VAT Payers Awards and National Productivity Award.
– The group aims to achieve $2 billion in exports by 2030 and has diversified into mobile phone manufacturing.

**Factory Locations**:
– Factories under PRAN-RFL Group include Pran Agro in Habiganj, PRAN Industrial Park in Narshingdi, and RFL Industrial Park in Gazipur.
– Other factory locations are Danga Industrial Park in Narshingdi, Rupganj RFL Factory in Dhaka, and Rangpur Foundry Ltd. in Rangpur.
– Pran Agro Ltd is situated in Natore.

**Global Presence and Diversification**:
– PRAN-RFL Group operates in over 145 countries with a strong presence in sectors like real estate, media, and hospitality.
– Pran Foods is known for its popular juice and snack products, while RFL Plastics is one of the largest plastic manufacturers in South Asia.
– The group has joint ventures with international companies like PepsiCo, Danone, and Nestlé.

**Export Trophies and Media Recognition**:
– PRAN-RFL Group has won multiple export trophies, including 5 export trophies and the National Export Gold trophy.
– Media coverage by outlets like,, The Daily Star, and The Financial Express has highlighted the group’s achievements.
– The consistent success of PRAN-RFL Group, as evidenced by their export trophies, reflects their commitment to excellence and industry recognition.

**Impact on Business Growth**:
– Winning export trophies enhances PRAN-RFL’s reputation and credibility in the industry.
– Recognition by media outlets like and The Daily Star contributes to the group’s visibility and brand promotion.
– Awards like the National Export Gold trophy and positive news coverage help drive the group’s overall growth and success through increased credibility and recognition.

PRAN-RFL Group (Wikipedia)

PRAN-RFL Group (Bengali: প্রাণ-আরএফএল গ্রুপ) is a Bangladeshi conglomerate, founded in 1981 by Amjad Khan Chowdhury. The company is known for its diversified business portfolio, including food and beverage, plastic products, and agricultural machinery. It is one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh, with a presence in more than 145 countries. Pran-RFL Group is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and employs over 140,000 people worldwide. The group operates under several subsidiaries, including Pran Foods, RFL Plastics, Pran-RFL Healthcare, and many others.

Company typePublic


IndustryConsumer goods
Founded1 January 1981; 43 years ago (1981-01-01)
FounderAmjad Khan Chowdhury
HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Area served
Key people
    • Pran Foods Ltd.
    • RFL Plastics
    • Vision Electronics
    • Jhatpat frozen food
    • Bisk Club Biscuits
    • All Time Bakery
    • Wonder Bakery
    • Pran Beverages
    • Pran Dairy Products
    • WINNER Electronics
    • SHINE Bathroom Fittings
    • CLICK Cables
    • DURANTA Bicycles
    • Regal Furnitures
RevenueIncrease 4.69 billion (US$44 million)
(FY 2022)
Increase 359.72 million (US$3.4 million)
(FY 2022)
Increase 83 million (US$770,000)
(FY 2022)
Total assetsIncrease 1.92 billion (US$18 million)
(FY 2022)
Total equityIncrease 998.87 million (US$9.3 million)
(FY 2022)
Number of employees
140,000 (2023)

Pran Foods is the flagship company of the group, and it is known for its popular juice and snack products. RFL Plastics is one of the largest plastic manufacturers in South Asia, producing a wide range of household goods and industrial plastic products. Apart from its core businesses, the group also operates in real estate, media, and hospitality sectors. Pran-RFL Group has several joint ventures with international companies, such as PepsiCo, Danone, and Nestlé.

In recent years, the group has focused on expanding its business in the Middle East and Africa Region. The company has also been involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives, including education, health, and environment. The Pran-RFL Group has won numerous awards and recognition for its contributions to the economy of Bangladesh. The company is one of the top employers in the country.

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