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OK Soda

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**1. History of OK Soda:**
– Roberto Goizueta rehired Sergio Zyman in 1993 to lead marketing for all Coca-Cola brands.
– Zyman successfully revamped Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Classic.
– International research showed Coke as the second most recognizable word globally.
– OK Soda was created to leverage existing brand potential.
– OK Soda failed to capture more than 3% of the market and was discontinued after 7 months.

**2. Marketing Strategy of OK Soda:**
– Targeted Generation X’s cynicism and disillusionment.
– Transparent about manipulating the youth market.
– Advertisements disparaged the taste of the drink.
– Campaign designed by Wieden+Kennedy focused on feelings over taste.
– Criticized for overtly targeting the youth market.

**3. Can Design and Marketing Campaign:**
– Featured work by alternative cartoonists like Daniel Clowes and Charles Burns.
– Cans were in drab shades of gray with red text.
– Included special codes for callers and urban legend coincidences.
– Used chain letters and TV spots for promotion.
– Subverted traditional marketing strategies.

**4. Prize Can Concept of OK Soda:**
– Included prize cans with merchandise and two quarters in vending machines.
– Different design from regular cans, with a light-blue banner and cylindrical shape.
– Similar to Coke’s previous MagiCan campaign.
– Aimed to attract consumers through vending machines.

**5. OK Soda Manifesto:**
– Excerpts printed on cans and the website.
– Emphasized rejecting non-OK things and supporting what is OK.
– Aimed to reveal surprising truths about people and situations.
– Encouraged a carefree and optimistic outlook on life.

OK Soda (Wikipedia)

OK Soda is a discontinued soft drink created by The Coca-Cola Company in 1993 that courted the American Generation X demographic with unusual advertising tactics, including neo-noir design, chain letters and deliberately negative publicity. After the soda did not sell well in select test markets, it was officially declared out of production in 1995 before reaching nationwide distribution. The drink's slogan was "Things are going to be OK."

OK Soda
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
DistributorCoca-Cola Enterprises, others
Country of origin United States
Related productsCoca-Cola
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