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Nordic Mist

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– History:
– Introduced to NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia in 1992
– Developed to compete in the low-carb soft drink market
– Created to rival Clearly Canadian
– Debuted with 5 flavors
– Expanded to Chile in 1997 and Spain in 2000

– Flavors:
– Bitter Lemon
– Bitter Water
– Fruit Punch
Ginger Ale
– Orange
Tonic Water
– Agrumes

– Trivia:
– Achieved cult status as a gin & tonic mixer
– Mist used as mild expletive in German
– Logo pronunciation like “Nerdic” in Scandinavian languages
– Nicknamed “Wolf Sweat” by Coke executives
– Requested for export to new markets

– See also:
– Clearly Canadian
– Mistic
– Perrier
– Brand blunder

– References:
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Nordic Mist (Wikipedia)

Nordic Mist (stylised as Nørdic Mist) is a line of soft drink mixers produced by The Coca-Cola Company and sold in Chile, Guinea-Bissau, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, Israel and Spain.

Nordic Mist
Nordic Mist tonic water
TypeDrink mixer
Country of origin United States
Related productsClearly Canadian
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