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**Development of Grapette:**
– Grapette was developed by Benjamin Tyndle Fooks in 1939 to create a superior-tasting grape soda.
– Fooks acquired the names Grapette, Orangette, and Lemonette in 1940.
– The initial marketing of Grapette was in Camden, Arkansas in 1940.
– Other flavors like Orangette and Lemonette were introduced with unique packaging and slogans.
– Mr. Cola and Lymette were added to Grapette’s brand lineup in the 1960s.

**Expansion and Decline:**
– Grapette’s sales soared during WWII despite material shortages.
– The brand expanded to Latin America in 1942 and introduced Mr. Cola in 1962 and Lymette in 1963.
– Grapette was sold to the Rheingold Corporation in 1970, leading to a change in advertising and a decline in sales.
PepsiCo acquired Rheingold in 1975, resulting in Grapette’s retirement in the US in 1977.
– Grapette International continued production internationally post-retirement in the US.

**Partnerships with Walmart and Ozark Farms:**
– Grapette International partnered with Walmart in 1986 to create private label soft drinks.
– Brooks Rice aimed to reacquire the American rights to the Grapette name for Walmart.
– Grapette began producing for Ozark Farms in 1989, expanding its consumer base.
– The collaboration with Ozark Farms contributed to Grapette’s continued success in the beverage market.

**Transition to Sams Choice:**
– Sam Walton’s death in 1992 led to Walmart renaming its private label to Sams Choice.
– Grapette was relaunched as Sams Choice Grape, becoming a top-selling grape soda under Walmart’s exclusive rights.
– The success of Sams Choice Grape highlighted the importance of the flavor in Grapette’s popularity.

**Revival of Grapette under Sams Choice:**
– In 2000, Walmart acquired the Grapette name, integrating it into the Sams Choice soft drink line in 2004.
– The original logotypes of Grapette and Orangette were retained in the rebranding process.
– The decision to bring back Grapette and Orangette under Sams Choice was a strategic move by Walmart, marking a significant revival of these classic soda brands.

Grapette (Wikipedia)

Grapette is a grape-flavored soft drink that was first produced and marketed in 1939 by Benjamin "Tyndle" Fooks. Grapette is now produced by Grapette International, and is marketed in the United States by Walmart as part of its Sam's Choice line of soft drinks.

Five different styles of the Grapette bottle
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerGrapette (1939-1970)
Flavette (USA 1970-1975)
Grapette International (Latin America 1942-2000; 2000-)
Country of origin Camden, Arkansas, United States
Introduced1939, 2000
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