Did You Know You Can Make Branded Soda At Home?

Discover 7 Secret Soda Recipes You Can Make At Home And Impress Your Family – No Special Skills Required!

Make Your Favorite Sodas At Home

If you’re a soda lover you’ll know a few things. Store-bought soda is delicious. Kinda expensive. Not great for the environment. And full of all kinds of ingredients you can’t pronounce.

So what if you can get those same delicious flavors at home, for less money, and without using all of those plastic bottles? Here at Soda Pop Craft, we’re here to share the secret recipes to creating distinctive store-bought soda flavors at home.

Get 7 Secret SodaStream Recipes Now

Download my PDF to get the recipes for 7 of the most popular soda drinks now. You’ll learn how to make Coke, 7-Up, Dr Pepper, A&W Root Beer, Wizardly Butter Beer, Orangina and an immune system booster. Choose your favorite soda and recreate it at home for a refreshing drink any time. It’ll be cheaper, healthier, just as tasty and it won’t come in a plastic bottle.

Recipe Kit Bag

The secret recipe PDF also comes with links to places where you can buy all the ingredients you need so it’s super easy to get started. Plus, when you’ve got all the ingredients, you can make soda over and over without running to the store.

Easy to follow recipes

Think brewing your own Coke at home is complicated? With my recipes, it’s not. The recipes are simple to follow and produce great tasting soda every single time.

Brought to you by a true soda-lover

Chris Watson is the founder of Soda Pop Craft and a HUGE soda fan. He won’t settle settle for anything but the best and neither should you.

Soda That Helps Save The Planet

Great tasting soda is one thing. Saving the planet by drinking something delicious is another. Using a carbonated drinks machine like a SodaStream saves thousands of single-use plastic bottles from going into the landfill. Help the Earth in the most delicious way by ditching the plastic and creating your own fizzy drinks at home.

Get 7 Soda Recipes Right Now

Learn to make branded sodas at home.

This is a limited time offer. Download the PDF to get 7 amazing soda recipes.

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