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Uncle Chipps

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– **History**:
– Uncle Chipps was the market leader until 1998 with a 71% market share.
– Market share dropped to 30-35% by 2000 due to increased competition.
Frito-Lay, PepsiCo’s snacks division, acquired Uncle Chipps in October 2000 for $16.6 million.
– Noted film music director Shantanu Moitra started his composing career with a hit jingle for Uncle Chipps.
– Uncle Chipps pioneered branded nitrogen-foil packed potato chips in India.

– **Market Expansion**:
– Uncle Chipps was initially distributed only in Northern India until 2010.
– In August 2010, Frito Lay announced plans to market Uncle Chipps pan India.
– The brand’s tagline for its potato chips is “Bole mere lips, I love Uncle Chipps.”
– Uncle Chipps exited the snacks business completely in December 2002.
– Amrit Agro continued marketing snacks under other brands post the Uncle Chipps sale.

– **References**:
– Uncle Chipps launched a Rs 2-crore Millennium Offer to attract kids.
– Various articles and references document Uncle Chipps’ history and market presence.
– The acquisition of Uncle Chipps by Frito-Lay was ratified by shareholders in October 2000.
– Notable authors and publications have referenced Uncle Chipps’ journey and impact.
– The brand’s packaging innovation and marketing strategies have been highlighted in publications.

– **Corporate Connections**:
– Uncle Chipps was originally owned by Amrit Agro Ltd. before being acquired by Frito-Lay.
PepsiCo’s acquisition of Uncle Chipps was part of its strategy to expand its snack division.
– Uncle Chipps’ acquisition was valued at $16.6 million in October 2000.
– Frito Lay aimed to increase the footprint of regional brands like Uncle Chipps in August 2010.
– The snack industry witnessed significant changes post Uncle Chipps’ acquisition by Frito-Lay.

– **Legacy and Impact**:
– Uncle Chipps’ jingle composed by Shantanu Moitra left a lasting impact on Indian advertising.
– The brand’s pioneering packaging methods set standards for the Indian snack industry.
– Uncle Chipps’ market share decline post-2000 reflected the changing dynamics of the snack market.
– Amrit Agro’s complete exit from the snacks business marked the end of an era for Uncle Chipps.
Frito-Lay’s ownership brought new marketing strategies and expansion plans for Uncle Chipps.

Uncle Chipps (Wikipedia)

Uncle Chipps is a brand of potato chips that is marketed in India. It was launched on 1992 by Amrit Agro Ltd. which was later taken over by Frito Lay (owned by PepsiCo), India in 2000.

Uncle Chipps
Product typePotato chips
Produced byFrito-Lay
Introduced1992; 32 years ago (1992)
Previous ownersUncle Chipps Co. Ltd
Tagline"Bole mere lips. I love Uncle Chipps"
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