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Sugar glass

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– **Production Process**
Sugar dissolved in water and heated to hard crack stage
Glucose or corn syrup used to prevent recrystallization
Cream of tartar converts sugar to glucose and fructose
– Hygroscopic nature requires immediate use
– Used in movies, photographs, plays, and wrestling for glass simulation

– **Other Uses**
– Used for sugar sculptures and edible art
– Blue dye sugar glass used in “Breaking Bad”
– Actor Aaron Paul consumed it on set

– **References**
– Book: “The Science of Cooking”
– Article: “Shattering Sugar: Make Movie-Ready Sugar Glass”
– Book: “Sweet Physics: The Kitchen As Laboratory”
– Article: “Dont Meth with Albuquerques Breaking Bad Candy Lady”
– Article: “Breaking Bad: Aaron Paul confesses his blue meth addiction”

Sugar glass (Wikipedia)

Sugar glass (also called candy glass, edible glass, and breakaway glass) is a brittle transparent form of sugar that looks like glass. It can be formed into a sheet that looks like flat glass or an object, such as a bottle or drinking glass.

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