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Move to the Beat

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– Campaign:
– Sponsored by Coca-Cola
– Draws inspiration from the music of London
– Aims to connect young people, predominantly teenagers, to the Olympic Games
– Unveiled officially in September 2011
– Five athletes chosen as ambassadors embodying values of positivity and optimism

– Athlete Ambassadors:
– María Espinoza (23) from Mexico
– Abdul Dayyan Jaffar (17) from Singapore
– Darius Knight (21) from Britain
– David Oliver (29) from America
– Kseniya Vdovina (24) from Russia

– References:
Coca-Cola Anthem for the London 2012 Olympic Games
– Katy B & Mark Ronson Move To The Beat Coca Cola 2012 Olympic Games Single
– Pyro article dated September 29, 2011
Coca-Cola Invites Teens Around the World to Move to the Beat of London 2012
– Retrieved from Wikipedia on

– Categories:
– 2012 Summer Olympics
– Promotional campaigns by Coca-Cola

– Key Points:
– Move to the Beat campaign sponsored by Coca-Cola
– Aims to connect teenagers to the Olympic Games through music
– Five athlete ambassadors representing values of positivity and optimism
– Officially unveiled in September 2011
– References include Coca-Cola Anthem and promotional campaigns by Coca-Cola

Move to the Beat (Wikipedia)

Move to the Beat is the name of Coca-Cola's promotional campaign for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. "Anywhere in the World", the song by Mark Ronson and Katy B is the "centerpiece" of the campaign.

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