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– **Origins and Expansion**:
– Founded in 1950s by Luis Matutano Jover in Barcelona.
– Associated with Pet Milk in 1965 to form Matutano brand.
– Acquired Rick SA in 1969 for further expansion.
– Frito Lay, part of PepsiCo, took over in 1971.
– Introduced popular products like Cheetos and Doritos in Spain.

– **Corporate Identity**:
– Adopted a smiling face logo in 1975.
– Changed to Frito Lay logo in 1997, reverted in 2009.
– Company motto: “Have you smiled today?”
– Experienced a failed corporate image change.
– Known for its distinctive branding and logos.

– **Market Leadership**:
– Became the leader in Spanish potato chips and snacks in 1970s-80s.
– Expanded into Portugal during the same period.
– Introduced various successful products like Ruffles and Fritos.
– Maintained a strong market presence for decades.
– Competed with brands like Lays and Frito Lay.

– **Historical Milestones**:
– Started with modest production levels.
– Grew significantly after association with Pet Milk.
– Acquisition of Rick SA in 1969 marked a turning point.
– Introduction of Frito Lay products in the Spanish market.
– Changes in corporate identity influenced brand perception.

– **References**:
– Various historical references and archives.
– Links to original sources and articles.
– Documentation of the company’s journey and milestones.
– Provides insights into the company’s evolution.
– Includes references to the company’s branding and identity changes.

Matutano (Wikipedia)

Matutano (officially Matutano Snack Ventures, S.A.) is a producer and distributor of snacks and potato chips with headquarters in Barcelona, operating the markets of Spain and Portugal (here through its subsidiary Matutano Unipessoal Lda.). The company was founded in 1965 by Luis Matutano Jover, and since 1971 is part of multinational Frito Lay.

Company typeSociedad anónima
Founded1965; 59 years ago (1965)
FounderLuis Matutano
FateAcquired by PepsiCo through Frito Lay in 1971
ProductsSnack food

Currently, Matutano produces for the Iberian Peninsula snacks as Ruffles, Cheetos, Lays and Doritos among other brands.

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